Qivana Scam?

qivana-weight-lossWhen it comes to judge whether or not a MLM company or a business model is a scam, one of the best methods is to check out its history, products, and compensation plan since these information can basically reflect its true colors. So, is Qivana a scam or legit business? Okay, now let’s use this method to do a review on this controversial nutritional company.

Since 2009, Qivana has been a controversial topic. Interestingly enough, the opinions on this Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company have polarized. That’s to say, some people think this is a once-in-a life-time business opportunity while others argue that it is nothing but a scam. Of course, both polarized reviews like these are shallow and untrustworthy. After all, others’ views are meant to be a reference only. Instead, you have to find out the truth by yourself. If you can’t do that for some certain reasons, here we would like to help and provide you with a third-party, unbiased review.

Qivana history

As one of Utah-based nutritional companies, it was formally launched in 2009. The founders and company management include many seasoned talent in the network marketing business. The one who must be mentioned is Derek Hall, the co-founder and CEO. Derek Hall has proven track record, which includes Vice-Chairman and CEO of ECONET and president of Unigen USA, Botanicals International, Univera, Integrative Therapeutics, and Nature’s Way. Thanks to this rich experience, Derek Hall sets the tone for this company. In other words, he is the powerful guarantee of the scale, direction, sustainability, and profitability of this company. Moreover, the Qivana team also includes other 4 famous names – Rodney James, Devin Glazier, Justin Banner, and Craig Johanson.

Qivana products

As mentioned above, this is a company that mainly deals with wellness and weight loss products. As you know, this is a highly competitive, saturated market. In this case, the importance of the line of outstanding products was self-explanatory for a new comer then. To build an impressive product line, Dr. Marcus Laux was invited into the team. If you ever heard the name Dr. Laux, you will definitely know that he has a great reputation in naturopathy. And now the rest is history and now you can frequently see this familiar face appear in advertisements for Qivana Qore System. Besides of the QORE range, the Metaboliq range is another featured Qivana product too.

As you know, QORE is basically designed for optimal-aging. It can serve as a daily regimen to promote the health of major systems, in particular immune systems, digestive system, and cardiac system. Specifically, Qore Essentials are mainly designed for increasing biogenetic potential, Qore Defense for promoting a healthier immune system, Qore Detox for detoxifying your body, Qore Probiotic for improving your digestive tract, and Qore PM for ensuring quality and quantity of your sleep.

Qivana compensation plan

Just like its product line, compensation plan is another major source of Qivana complaints. That’s to say, it arouses a lot of controversy, which actually is very common in network marketing companies. Before further proceeding, two important related concepts should be first introduced. They are Independent Business Owners (IBO) and Warm marketing.

IBO means that you have to pay between 65 and 1000 dollars to qualify the membership. And your initial socioeconomic level depends on the amount you have handed in. In other words, you get high points in this point system if you contribute more.

Today Warm marketing is no longer a new staff, which ever prevailed in 1950s. The secret of this strategy is to sell things to your acquaintance. And this is something Qivana encourages the IBO to do. However, Warm marketing has a major shortcoming – the number of friends and acquaintances is always unlimited. That means you can’t make money anymore once your contacts have been used up. So, in order to make up the loss Qivana launched a series of plans, which include Retail Commissions, Quickstart Bonus, Builder Bonus, Silver2 Bonus, Team Commissions, and the Executive Matching Bonus.

Most notably, the Retail Commissions and Team Commissions are the two most powerful opportunities for IBO to earn more. While Retail Commission allows you to make money each time you sell a product, Team Commissions provide you with a steady stream of income by earning a certain ratio of your referrals’ profit.

As you can see now, Qivana provides a great opportunity for you to earn money if you have a gift for sponsoring and recruiting referrals. Or, probably you will end up with the idea of Qivana being a scam.

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