The Best Times of Day to Have Coffee

get-a-daily-hit-of-caffeineCaffeine is a good thing, especially when you need to refresh yourself. For many coffee addicts the world will become less fun and boring if they miss a piping hot cup of it in the morning. But here’s the thing: drinking coffee the wrong way could pose risk to your health, such as premature aging of your skin, adrenal fatigue, an increased rate of cognitive decline, and so on. That’s to say, if you want to make caffeine useful while minimizing its side effects, you’d better take a good control on two key factors – timing and quantity. Continue reading The Best Times of Day to Have Coffee

18 Houseplants That Clean the Air

1) Alocasia macrorrhizos

alocasia-macrorrhizosAlocasia macrorrhizos, also known as Elephant Ear Taro or Giant Taro, is perceived as one of the best house plants that can remove floating dust from indoor air. But be careful that the white sap or juice inside its stem is poisonous. When taken internally, Alocasia macrorrhizos sap produces mouth and throat irritation and burning pain in the stomach. So, special attention should be taken to prevent young children mistakenly eating this plant. However, this is not one of carcinogens; Continue reading 18 Houseplants That Clean the Air

Do Ferns Purify Indoor Air?

fern-plantAs we all know, Chlorophytum comosum, also known as airplane plant or spider plant, has long been treated as one of the best houseplants for cleaning air. However, do you know that ferns can do a better job in absorbing formaldehyde than spider plant does? As far as efficiency is concerned, it works even better than most air cleaners do. More importantly, ferns can grow in the shade. That’s to say, you can place them in rooms where sunlight does not reach all year round. In short, growing ferns in your home can greatly help clean air, primarily in two ways. Continue reading Do Ferns Purify Indoor Air?

Ladyfinger Layer Cake

ladyfinger-layer-cakeIn terms of desserts, what would be your first choice when you have afternoon tea or a quick mid-afternoon fix? Apple pie, cheese cake, puddings, or tiramisu? If you have been already fed up with the mentioned ones, today I would like recommend the ladyfinger layer cake, which actually can be referred to as “the upgraded ladyfinger” since it sandwiches a layer of stuffing between ladyfingers. The interesting part of making this cake is that you can choose different ingredients, like cheese and chocolate, according to your specific tastes or moods. By the way, if you are on a diet, you can choose not to put in grease either. Continue reading Ladyfinger Layer Cake

How to Freeze Strawberries Properly

fresh-strawberriesIt is well-known that strawberry foods are really delicious. Unfortunately, the shelf life of fresh strawberries is rather short. The reason for strawberries being hard to stay fresh is its high water content, delicate tissues, and vulnerability to mechanical injury and microbial infection. At room temperature, its red color begins to fade and taste goes bad 1 to 3 days after it is picked. So, is there any good ways to preserve this delicate but delicious fruit? Continue reading How to Freeze Strawberries Properly

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing up a Pear Shaped Figure

pear-shapedAs one of the most common female body shapes, pear-shaped body distress many girls and, worse still, causes low self-esteem in them. A pear shaped figure, as the name suggests, refers to the whole body that looks like a pear, which has a narrow upper body and then widens out. It is characterized by very slim shoulder and upper arms, thick waist, larger hips, wide crotch, and big thighs. To be honest, it is hard to dress up a figure like this. So, is a pear shaped body meant to miss the beautiful dresses? No, of course not. Actually, the properly dressing can make the pear look more refreshing and slim. The secret consists in minimizing the weak points while maximizing the strong points. Next, we are going to analyze how to dress up a pear shaped body to make it look more beautiful inadvertently. Continue reading The Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing up a Pear Shaped Figure

Tips on Choosing a Push Up Bra

push-up-braFor many girls with smaller breasts, choosing the right push up bra is a big challenge since they have no idea at all how to start or even where to start. I don’t want to frustrate most of you but the statistics do show that about 70% girls have made mistakes on buying lingerie. In terms of choosing bras, the situation is even worse – only a few of you’ve done the right thing and know how to choose the perfect cups and bra straps. Continue reading Tips on Choosing a Push Up Bra

Right Bras that Make Small Breasts Appear Fuller

small-busted-womenSo, how to make a small bust look bigger instantly? Besides of cosmetic surgery, the bra can be the most innocuous way you can give it a try. The cooling effect of bras tend to be almost immediate and, more importantly, it poses no health risk at all. Assuming of course, you are choosing the right one. People often say that beauty should come from the inside out. Because of that, a lot of women or girls with smaller chests have been troubled. If you are also blessed as a small-busted woman but want to have fuller breasts, these tips are surely of help. Continue reading Right Bras that Make Small Breasts Appear Fuller

Best Jeans for an Apple Shaped Body

Apple shaped womanMany girls with an apple body shape often find that it is a challenge for them to dress properly. So do those with a pear-shaped figure. Hence, loose clothing tends to be their most popular choice since it can provide with somewhat cover-up. But apparently this is a myth and a loose dress won’t help much if you have that body type. Actually jeans can be one of the best choices in terms of flattering an apple. However, not all jean styles can get the job done. To make it right, in the first place you’d better know a thing or two about your body. Continue reading Best Jeans for an Apple Shaped Body

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

gnatsOnce fruit flies show at home, there is no easy ways to get rid of them anymore. If you are also one of victims who have done a lot of attempts to remove them but finally tragically failed, it is time for you to take a new look at this tiny but tenacious rival now. For you, it is just a matter of comfort. But for them, it is a battle of life instead. Taken in this sense, it is not hard to see why you tend to lose since this battle means more for fruit flies. That’s to say, every minute counts for fruit flies and they reproduce so fast that you are always a little behind even though you thought you’ve taken good care of the fruits and vegetables that are under suspicion. Continue reading How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies