Olive Oil for Baby Hair Care

olive-oil-healthy-hairYou’ve probably heard that olive oil is good for baby hair growth. In fact, its benefits for infant’s hair are more than that. If you apply it weekly to your baby’s hair, it is able to make it stronger and, more importantly, help get rid of cradle cap, medically known as infantile seborrheic dermatitis. In addition, it is good at softening and taming curls. No wonder many hair care products contain this ingredient. But it should be applied with caution since a baby’s skin is very delicate. So, please do it very gently when necessary.

For infants and young children, olive oil can help balance the metabolism and promote the development of nervous system, bones and brain. According to its composition and digestibility, the fat obtained from the olive is the most suitable one for babies. As you know, half of a baby’s calories come from the fat in breast milk. Once infants are weaned, the calories they need should be obtained through dietary fat instead. Luckily, the oil from the olives contains the same percentage of linoleic acid and linolenic acid in breast milk. These two nutrients can’t be synthesized in the body, but they are easily absorbed and can promote the growth and development of infant’s bone and nerve. That’s to say, this oil is good for the health of both pregnant women and babies. For the same reason, it is also considered one of the best oil for baby hair.

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important applications of this oil is to get rid of cradle cap, which refers to an oily scaling or crusting on a baby’s scalp. This is a common condition among babies. Such scales look like dandruff and are usually yellow or white in color. If you scratch it, it may peel off or leave scars. And that is where the olive oil comes in. Actually, it has long been used as one of simple home remedies to help the cradle cap to become loose and fall easily.

When olive oil is applied on your baby hair in order to eliminate cradle cap, you need to apply a thin layer of it to the affected area and allow it to be absorbed for several minutes. After that, you comb the hair with toothcomb to remove the loose scales. What should be pointed out, however, is that you have to be so gentle during this process. And you should immediately stop it once your baby starts crying or looks uncomfortable. After all, cradle cap will not cause any harm to the baby although it doesn’t look good.

Besides, applying a small amount of oil to your baby’s hair on daily basis can also strengthen it and make it soft and naturally curly. One thing that you should know though is that keeping it moderate would be prudent. Or too much of it will leave the hair heavy or greasy after a period of time. If the hair is dry and brittle, avoiding frequent shampooing is highly recommended because the water and shampoo will further strip grease.

It should be noted that olive oil is not the solution to all baby hair problems. Many experts think that it only makes sense for dry hair or cradle cap. So, although it has no known side effects it is best to consult a doctor if you are not so sure this is the right thing you are going to choose. By the way, it is a good idea to avoid using silicones, Vaseline, sulfates, petroleum, mineral oil, and other similar bad chemicals on your baby’s hair since they do not help but damage it in the end.

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