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natural-detox-dietSince a lot of diseases are caused by excessive accumulation of toxins, you have to detox your body regularly to stay healthy all the time. In this case, eating natural detox foods can be one of the safest and most effective ways when it comes to flush out the toxic chemicals stored in the body. Health experts point out that the following natural detox food list is highly recommended.

Black fungus, honey, string beans, and pig blood

Thanks to its affordability and effectiveness, they are better known as the big four in detox foods. Because black fungus grows in shady, moist environment, in the tradition of Oriental medicine it is believed to have the properties of eliminating the toxic heat in the blood; Since black fungus and pig blood are good for lubricating the intestine, regular consumption of them can help expel most of the toxins in the gut out of the body; string beans are good at getting rid of toxins, increasing the flow of urine, cooling down, quenching thirst, and so on; honey can lubricate your stools, detoxify your body, relieve pain, and the like. In fact, in India honey has long been regarded as “a good medicine that keeps you young and happy” by Indian.

Bitter melon and bitter tea

In general, bitter foods taste slightly bitter but sweet later on. Bitter melon is capable of detoxifying, preventing heat exhaustion, and improving vision. After scientists analyzed the component of bitter melon, they found that it contains a protein with significant anticancer activity. In addition, this protein can stimulate the defense of the immune system, increase the activity of immune cells, and eliminate the harmful substances.

Tea is rich in an active substance called polyphenols, which offer rapid yet safe detoxification. As a natural antioxidant, it eliminates oxygen free radicals, precipitates or reduces heavy metal ions, and detoxifies alkaloids. In addition, TP (tea polyphenol) can improve the body’s antioxidant capacity, lower cholesterol, ease hypercoagulability, enhance cell elasticity, prevent thrombosis, and relieve or delay atherosclerosis and hypertension.


Kelp contains a substance called sulfated polysaccharide, which can absorb the cholesterol in blood vessels. That’s to say, they finally will be released from the body along with fecal matter. As a result, you maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels. In addition, there is a layer of slightly sweet white powder on Kelp surface. This powder is called mannitol, which is of great medical value and frequently used in the treatment of renal failure, drug toxicity, edema, etc. since it is a very good diuretic.


In fact, from the perspective of oriental medicine there are many amazing detox foods hidden in common vegetables list. For example, tomatoes clear away heat, relieve toxic material, quench your thirst by making your mouth produce more saliva, and cool blood; white gourds clear away heat and toxins, reduce the swelling by inducing diuresis, stop the coughing, and get rid of phlegm; loofah cools blood, detoxifies your body, and stimulates blood circulation; cucumber and bamboo shoots clear heat and increase the production of waste fluids; celery clears liver heat, promotes urination, and lowers blood pressure; carrots help remove the heavy metal mercury by combining mercury; garlic decreases the concentration of lead; mushrooms clean the blood; sweet potato, taro, and potatoes have the role of intestinal cleansing. Of course, this can be a very long list – too many to list out here.

As you can see now, this natural detox food list is inexpensive, safe, and effective. So, why not give it a try if you want your body to always maintain a strong performance too?

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