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molescum-picturesMolescum, mollescum, or moloscum, is a misspelling of molluscum contagiosum (MC), which mainly refers to a viral infection of the skin caused by a poxvirus. As part of the pox virus family, this virus is not life-threatening but highly contagious. When it comes to molescum treatment, there are many options available. If left untreated molescum may go away on its own too, but only people with a healthy immune system have this self-healing capacity. Still, this healing process will take about one year or a year and a half.

What is molescum contagiosum?

As mentioned from the very beginning, this is a mild but rather contagious skin problem that mainly affects children and young adults. However, adults can become victims too no matter they have a weakened or healthy immune system, especially if they are sexually active. Of course, the former is more likely to suffer from this disease.

At first sight, the appearance of raised, pearl-like bumps caused by molescum can be scary. However, these pink bumps on the skin are pretty much harmless, and usually they don’t even cause pain or itching. But they have negative impact on the patients’ lives, pose an inconvenience, and sometimes cause discomforts. Worse, its transmission is believed to be through skin to skin contact, sexual contact, and touching contaminated materials and surfaces.

Since this skin disease leads to beauty decline, patients with molescum tend to lose self-confidence and avoid people. So, almost all patients badly want to get rid of it even though they know that it is self-limiting and relatively harmless to healthy people. The urge to cure moloscum in any way possible is understandable. However, one thing to keep in mind is that choosing the right treatment can be essential to overcoming this skin problem since there are quite many treatment options available.

Molescum treatment options

As mentioned above, treatment may not be necessary for healthy individuals. But when the lesions are found in the genital area, seeking medical intervention sooner is highly recommended since it cannot rule out the possibility of STDs and infections, for example genital herpes. Similarly, therapy also makes sense in underlying atopic disease, lesion visibility, and other scenarios. Basically, the treatment options can be classified as physical removal, oral therapy, and topical therapy.

The common physical removals include cryotherapy or cryosurgery (freezing the small warty bumps with liquid nitrogen), curettage (scraping off the bumps with a curette), laser surgery, putting cantharidin, potassium hydrochloride, or other similar chemicals on the bumps, and so on. When it comes to medicine, imiquimod, retinoid or antiviral medicine can be used at home.

Home remedies for molluscum contagiosum

Although the above-mentioned options tend to be more effective, most of them can cost a lot of money. In a way, treatments like laser surgery don’t justify the expense since the bumps will go away on their own eventually. In fact, there are plenty more out there to try. For example, most home remedies for molluscum contagiosum won’t cost the patients too much. As an added bonus, usually they won’t cause side effects.

So, it is a good idea to treat this wart-like viral skin infection with home remedies. And the recommended ones include garlic (allicin), coconut oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, sea salt, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, neem, Australian lemon myrtle, elderberry extract, catechu, astringents, vitamin A or E, duct tape, iodine, Oregano oil, alcohol, and so on.

As a side note, the effectiveness of the mentioned natural treatments for molescum may vary from patient to patient. In other words, it has a lot to do with the immune system status of the applicants. But for all this, they are well worth a try and at least doing so won’t make this skin problem worse.

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