Microwave Makes Peeling Garlic Cloves so Quickly and Easily

peeling-by-microwaveActually, you can start now if the following two things are already into place. First off, you got to have a microwave that works. This is simply not an issue at all since now almost every home has one. Secondarily, you have at least a head of garlic awaited to be peeled. Actually, this method is so effective that the more garlic cloves the better.


1) Cut the root off the garlic cloves with a knife. Remember to cut a little more than usual in order to expose the butt. If you want to be quicker, cut by the whole bulb; if you are patient enough, you can split them off the axis and then cut clove by clove;

2) Throw away the cut root;

3) Put a whole head or split segments in the microwave. Microwave it between 5 and 10 seconds, depending on the various powers of microwaves;

4) Take it out after it is done. Now what you need to do is just gently pinching its tip and the intact garlic will jump out of its skin.


1) In processing small batch of garlic, you can undress all of them in no more than one minute;

2) You can peel garlic without crushing. That means your hands won’t get the smell that lingers;

3) Since the heating time is very short, the crispness and flavor of garlic won’t be affected. After all, you peel it because you want to cook it soon. So, the microwave just makes it warm up a little bit.

Of course, there are tons of ways and tricks that you can really use in terms of peeling garlic. For example, if you like it a little bit rough, you can place them in a bag and cast them to a hard surface; if you like it gentle, you can strip it after soaking them in hot water for a few minutes.

Actually microwaving and hot water immersion have so much in common. However, personally the former way does a better job on sliding the clovers out of their skins, especially when you use a lot of garlic on daily basis. Now, you are ready to enjoy the benefits of garlic. By the way, it is said that eating more garlic can be good for many diseases, such as yeast infection, cancer, and so on.

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