Luo Han Guo Chrysanthemum Tea

arhat-fruit-chrysanthemum-tea-drinkJust as its name suggested, this herbal tea mainly consists of Luo Han Guo (arhat fruit/monk’s fruit) and chrysanthemum. They are put together here mainly because of their complementary medicinal properties, each with its own sphere of competence.

It is worth mentioning that what this combination can do is more than just to counter the heatiness in the body. In fact, it is formulated to treat more ailments. And the addition of chrysanthemum is mainly to help maintain good eyesight while improving the flavor. This makes it one of ideal drink for those who have to sit at a computer for long period of time.


Monk fruit, dried chrysanthemum, Goji berries, and water.


1. Soak goji berries and dried chrysanthemum in order to remove the dirt;
2. Crack the monk fruit and break it into small pieces;
3. Put the small pieces into a pot, add in water, and boil them for about 30 minute;
4. Add chrysanthemum and goji berries in;
5. Let cool and drink it.


Chrysanthemum is good for eyestrain and blurred vision. It has long been used to improve vision since ancient time in China. In addition to apply in order to get rid of puffy eyes, people also use it to brew tea for alleviating eye fatigue. To do so, it is recommended to drink 3 to 4 cups of chrysanthemum tea a day.

Monk fruit is native in China. Since it is sweet in taste and cool in nature, medicinally it is mainly used to moisten the lungs, clear lung heat, get rid of cough, relieve summer heat, quench thirst, and moisten the intestines to make the bowels move easily. As a result, it treats colds, cough with excessive mucus, constipation, chronic laryngitis, chronic bronchitis, dry mouth, and other conditions.

It is worth mentioning that monk fruit is rich in sweeteners and vitamins. It is reported that its sweetness is 300 to 400 times higher than sugar. Amazingly, it is extremely low in calories. It doesn’t contain glucose but “terpene glycosides” and a small amount of fructose. Because the small intestine does not absorb terpene glycosides at all, terpene glycosides will be removed from the body. That’s to say, glycosides won’t be converted into calories. As an added bonus, glycosides can also play the same role as the fiber to slow down the speed of glucose reaching the small intestine, which thus won’t cause surges in blood sugar after eating it. So, this is an ideal sugar alternative for those who have a sweet tooth but need to reduce sugar intake for weight loss, diabetes, or other reasons.

Medicinally, goji berries are used to treat dizziness, dim vision, nocturnal emission, impotence, pale complexion, dry damaged hair, low back pain, and so on. And studies have found that this herb can enhance immune system, promote cell regeneration, reduce blood cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis, improve skin elasticity, slow down the aging process, and so on.

So, people will reap all the mentioned benefits of Luo Han Guo chrysanthemum recipe if they drink this tea often. Of course, it makes sense too if they simply want to prepare it to “cool” themselves in summer days.

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