List of Foods that Cause Bad Breath

foods-cause-halitosisAs you know, bad breath, also known as halitosis, is an embarrassing ailment. It can be mainly caused by poor oral hygiene and what you eat. If someone asks you to name a food that causes bad breath? For many of you what comes to mind first would be garlic and onions. However, some seemingly innocuous foods can give you bad breath too.

Sugar and refined carbohydrates

Such food will not only lead to tooth decay, but also yeast and harmful microbe overgrowth in intestines. It is worth mentioning that breath mints can worsen bad breath even though they claim to get rid of it. The fact is that the unpleasant odor emanated from the mouth will rebound quickly and aggravate once menthol disappears. What’s worse, most mints contain sugar, which is one of ideal foods for bacteria. Thus, it will give you the worst breath because sulphide will be released during bacteria breaking down sugars.

Spicy food

As mentioned earlier, onions, garlic, and other spicy foods are the notorious ones that produce offensive breath since their odors are easier to stay in the mouth after a meal. If you eat too much of them, the odor may persist there for up to 24 hours no matter how hard you brush your teeth. By the way, you should avoid some stinky cheeses too.


Eating too much meat will make your body take in more proteins than your body needs. In this case, your body will break down the proteins into carbohydrate and use it as energy. During the decomposition process ammonia will be produced and excreted through the mouth. As you know, ammonia has a strong odor.

In addition, bacon, smoked beef, sausage, and similar foods have not only a strong odor, but also low digestibility. As a result, the excessive gas in the stomach will cause unpleasant breath. If you are going to participate in social activities, remember to avoid these foods 24 hours before that event begins.

Certain fish

Some certain fish can cause breath odor too. They typical ones include fish used in making pizza and tuna in sandwich. No doubt, they can be tough and embarrassing on those around you.

Alcohol and tobacco

Alcohol is a diuretic. Drinking too much of it can easily lead to a lack of water in the mouth, the brain, and the body. At the same time, it also impedes the normal secretion of saliva, which contains a lot of substances that can break down and wash away the “flavored bacteria”. Since excessive drinking will inevitably make it worse, it is recommended to drink some water while drinking wine.

No matter it is beer or whiskey, the residue of wine will attach to tartar and infiltrate the digestive system. When you exhale, the stench of alcohol can even put a close friend off. The similar scenario is smoking because the smell of smokers’ breath makes you stink.


Nuts contain not only a lot of sugar that can promote the growth of bacteria, but also a large amount of insoluble dietary fiber. That makes nuts more easily cause the buildup of sugar in mouth and between teeth. So, make sure to promptly clean your teeth after eating nuts if you want to fix bad breath.

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