Lemon Water Side Effects and Contraindications

lemon-water-contraindicationsNo doubt lemon is a kind of fruit with very high nutritional and medicinal value. It contains a lot of vitamin C and other nutrients like carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. In view of its incredible versatility, lemon water becomes one of the most essential drinks today. Still and all, the reality is that lemon has two sides too. So, pay attention to its possible side effects and contraindications while you take advantage of its benefits.

1) Be careful of lemon syndrome

Lemon contains very little vitamin A and vitamin E. Besides, it has no protein and B vitamins. In combination with its high-acid nature, it is very likely to hurt your stomach and lower nutrient absorption if you drink it on an empty stomach. So, don’t try to replace dinner with lemon water for the purpose of weight loss because long-term use of it can lead to protein deficiency;

2) Do not drinking excessively

Its acidic ingredient can damage the gastric mucosa, in particular when you drink it excessively or on an empty stomach. Hence, pay attention to the acidity and amount. And not more than 1000 ml per day is generally considered moderate;

3) It worsens some ailments

Lemon tastes very sour since it gets a pH of 2.5. That’s to say, this is not an ideal drink if you are suffering from toothache, diabetes, gastric and duodenal ulcers, or hyperacidity;

4) Don’t use it during your period

It is a bad idea to drink it during your period. Otherwise it may result in abdominal pain because it is rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs);

5) It is bad for teeth

Since this is an acidic food that can cause tooth enamel erosion, remember to brush your teeth after you’ve finish it. Otherwise, the residual acid will stay on the surface of teeth and therefore cause enamel to wear away;

6) No aspirin

It can aggravate the symptom of excessive phlegm due to its inherent nature. So it is advisable not to take it if you have more phlegm. In addition, it shouldn’t be taken together with aspirin;

7) It is bad for empty stomach

If you would like to drink it on an empty stomach in the morning, a spoonful of honey can make a difference. In addition, don’t put in too much lemon slices since the milder one is better in this case. And if you have a poor digestive function, you’d better drink less or even no lemon water, especially in the morning;

8) Don’t hold with plastic bottles

It is well known that long-term use of plastic bottles is harmful to all, let alone the acid, corrosive lemon juice. Or, it will release the awful plasticizer;

9) No exposure to light

It is sensitive to visible light. So try not to expose to sunlight after the drinking;

10) Don’t keep it too long

This is very important but also easy to be ignored. Many of you love to make lemon water that is enough for a whole day or even a few days. However, this is so wrong by doing so. In fact, the best drinking time of it is from half an hour to an hour after it has been made. This is because vitamin C can be easily oxidized after exposed to the air although it is antioxidant.

Finally, here are the good tips for you to make better use of lemon water. It is so simple actually – cut the lemon into thin slices and soak it with warm water. By doing so, it helps save more nutrients. Of course, you can also put a slice of it into black tea or other beverages to add flavor and vitamin C.

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