Is Lemon Water Good for Pregnancy?

lemon-water-during-pregnancyThe sweet and sour lemon water is a great attraction to many, especially to women in early pregnancy. Almost every expectant mother has morning sickness during her first trimester. In this case, a cup of sweet sour drink is something that can make her crave something again. However, you may doubt that is it safe to drink it in this special time and is it good for the baby’s development? If it is, what are the health benefits for pregnant women then?

Benefits of drinking lemon water during pregnancy

Mind you, drinking the right amount of it is good for both pregnant women and the fetus since it is rich in citric acid. However, moderate consumption is the key, or it may affect the acid-base balance in the body.

1) Skin whitening

Thanks to the rich vitamin, it is an ideal drink that can offer healthy skin care the natural way by preventing and eliminating skin pigmentation;

2) Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

It prevents and helps treat hypertension and myocardial infarction. This is because calcium ion promotes blood clotting while lemon can easy this effect;

3) Prevention of kidney stones

Large amounts of citrate contained can prevent the development of kidney stones by suppressing the crystallization of calcium salt. In addition, it helps decrease the number of kidney stones that already exist in some cases;

4) Immunity enhancement

It contains abundant vitamin C, which is really versatile. It destroys undesirable microorganisms, improves immunity, helps generate collagen, and so on;

5) Eliminating phlegm

Lemon is good at dispelling phlegm. Mixing lemon juice and salt in warm water is a good way to cough up sputum smoothly.

What time is good to drink lemon water?

Drinking it to start the day is beneficial to you in many ways. For example, it treats constipation and helps you look younger if adding a little bit honey. However, this is an important reminder for you – don’t put too much lemon since acid stimulates your stomach.

It is recommended not to drink it if you get an upset stomach because the lemon ingredients will cause excessive gastric acid secretion and thus nausea by stimulating the stomach. As a result, patients with excessive gastric acid or gastric ulcer should stay away from it.

Precautions for pregnant women

1) Don’t swill it. Otherwise, drinking too fast too hard will not only affect absorption, but also lead to nausea, vomiting, and other discomfort;

2) Lemon contains a lot of acidic substances, which could exacerbate the hyperacidity and gastrohelcosis;

3) Although the lemon peel is rich in calcium, a long soak of it can release more its bitter taste. So it is always a good idea to drink it right after a cup of lemon water is freshly brewed;

4) After the lemon is cut, its shelf life will be seriously shortened. If possible drink it all at once;

5) The ideal drinking time is after drinking warm water but 30 to 60 minutes before eating breakfast. This is because now the body function goes back to work and is ready to cushion the stimulating water. In addition, it cleanses and moistens the stomach through the action of water.

Recommended lemon water recipe during pregnancy

There are many good recipes out there, but this one is highly recommended.


1 lemon and 500ml honey


1) Wet the lemon with water, spread a layer of salt on its surface, gently rub for a moment, rinse and remove both ends;

2) Cut the lemon in half, slice it, and alternate layers of lemon slice and honey in a clean, sealed bottle;

3) Tighten the lid, put in the refrigerator, and it will be ready to serve 5 to 7 days later.

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