How To Whiten Your Teeth At Home With Banana Peel?

banana-peel-usesPlease keep in mind that don’t throw away the banana peel soon after you eat because it has many amazing uses. It is such a pity that very few of you are aware of its benefits. In fact, rubbing your teeth with the inside of this fruit peel is a healthy, safe teeth whitening treatments at home. While it is a rich source of minerals and vitamins, it isn’t as corrosive as other natural whitening agents.

Since brighter, whiter teeth can perk up your smile, they are no less important than a pretty face. So, it is very important to protect your teeth. When it comes to tooth whitening, you tend to think of expensive treatments like laser. Unfortunately, laser treatment would cost you an arm and a leg to get a bright smile. Actually, besides of maintaining good dental care habits many foods can also help whiten teeth.

Bananas are one of the most popular tropical fruits in the world. This is because they are tasty, inexpensive, and nutritional. But you may not know that gently rubbing a piece of the inside of the banana peel around on your teeth can get them looking white. Of course, you have to do it every day, about two minutes each time. By doing so, the ingredients like salicylic acid and citric acid can effectively reduce teeth stains without weakening the tooth enamel.

What you need to do is just to prepare a piece of banana, a toothbrush and toothpaste. And a ripe banana is preferred because it is high in potassium. And then gently rub your teeth with the inside of a peel for about 2 minutes, let it sit for another 10 minutes, and brush yours as usual in order to get rid of the residues. By the way, natural toothpaste is just fine. Only in this way can potassium, magnesium, manganese and other minerals be effectively absorbed to keep yours white. In general, you will see results soon if you repeat it before going to sleep and after waking up.

There’s no need to throw away the used banana peel since it can be recycled. It is rich in minerals that are good for plants. So, you can set it aside for composting and use it as fertilizers. In addition, if the peel has not yet run out you can put the rest into the refrigerator for next use. By the way, you need to hang the bananas at room temperature to extend the lifespan of their stores.

It should be noted that drinking soft drinks, coffee, red wine, and black tea and smoking can lead to tooth discoloration. So, it is necessary to try some teeth whitening methods before the problems occur.

Many of you want to make your teeth white quickly and have a confident smile. As you can see now, it can be very simple if you learn a few useful techniques. And somethings like banana peel you thought it worthless can sometimes work wonders.

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