How to Make the Air in Your Home Cleaner?

best-way-to-clean-air-in-homeIndoor air quality is a big concern since these days there are more and more pollutants that would cause harm to your health. So, how to prevent indoor air pollution? Upon hearing this question you may instantly think of buying air purifiers. This is surely true, but you can still use other ways to purify air in your home. Don’t know how to start or even where to start? Here are some useful indoor air quality tips for you.

Bamboo or activated charcoal

Activated and bamboo charcoal are good at trapping impurities in the air, which is an internationally recognized fact. No wonder activated charcoal is now widely used in gas masks or respirators. And bamboo charcoal is a new environmentally friendly material that is capable of absorbing harmful substances too. Actually, it was just discovered in recent years and, more importantly, it has 2 to 3 times of adsorption capacity compared to the average charcoal.

This method has significant advantages – it not only completely removes harmful pollutants from the air in your house, but also won’t cause secondary pollution. Thanks to their amazing adsorption capacity, they are one of the best options for indoor purification.


Good ventilation in room can help reduce the content of harmful substances in the air, and thus reduce the health hazards of these substances. In winter, people often prefer to shut doors and windows, which in fact are most likely to cause the accumulation of harmful substances in the room. That’s to say, it not only increases the content of formaldehyde, but also continues to accumulate the hydrogen even to very high concentrations. So, you have to keep good ventilation if you want to improve indoor air quality.

Air-cleaning plants

If there is just the low degree of contamination in your room, you can try to place some plants that can clean, filter and purify the air. Generally, clean-air plants do work for indoor environmental pollution. Of course, you need to select and place these plants according to the room function and size. Under normal circumstances, it is ideal to put two 1.5-meter-high plants in a room that is about 10 square meters.

Pure herbal spray

This is a better and more effective method to get clean air in your home. This is because pure herbal spray combines the advantages of plant removal and chemical removal methods while abandoning their drawback. In short, the herbal extracts are a good try since they are safe and without secondary pollution.

For example, some air fresheners commercially available today are the few natural removal products that can solve the pollution problems in interior decoration. As the improving living standards and environmental awareness in mind, no doubt pure herbal methods will become increasingly popular in getting rid of indoor air pollution caused by interior architecture.

Anion photocatalyst products

Anion photocatalyst has an enduring ability in eliminating harmful gases. In addition, it can also emit far infrared rays, release hydroxyl anion, kill bacteria and treat infections, and so on. In other words, related products are capable of purifying harmful gases like formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene released from furniture and interior decoration materials by adsorption and catalysis. At the same time, anion photocatalyst products have significant antibacterial effect on Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and others too.

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