How to Make Fresh Lemon Water?

lemon-waterIf your taste buds are difficult to please, the only thing about fresh lemon you can complain is its slightly sour taste. You may dislike it for that, but you just can’t deny the fact that it has tons of health benefits. Moreover, the lemon flavor itself is one of the important factors that make lemon so popular around the world these days. So, it is good to consume lemon on daily basis. Actually it has become the secret weapon of many beauty-conscious women, because it helps weight loss, better skin, detox, colon cleanse, freckle removal, and so on. Among all methods of consuming lemon, apparently making lemon water is the quickest and most convenient one.

Steps of making lemon water

1) Pick a fresh lemon or lime and wash the rind;
2) Slice it, the thinner the better. By doing so, it helps release vitamin C and other minerals when lemon is soaked in water. Usually, 1 or 2 slices at a time are enough to serve 3 to 4 cups of water;
3) If you don’t want to finish it once, coat the cut with some honey, seal it with plastic wrap, and store it in the refrigerator. In general it can last 2 to 3 days there;
4) Put the slices into a glass of water, wait for a while, and serve it after the water is flavored.

Tips of making lemon water

If you want to get different health benefits, adjusting water temperature is the key. So, figure out what is your purpose in the first place and then pay attention to the temperature during the process.

1) For those of you want to change your acid constitution, you’d better use hot water since it is ideal for the release of the relevant active ingredient;

2) If you just desire the vitamin C, soaking it with 40 °C water is the best way to go. This is because water at higher temperature is not a favorable environment for the existence of vitamin c;

3) If constipation relief is your target, you’d better soak it with warm water and then add in honey after it sets aside to cool. And the additional benefits of adding honey is that it can enhance the flavor, especially when you consider the sour lemon taste to be unpleasant;

4) If you want to save as many lemon nutrients as possible, cut it into thin slices and soak them with warm water;

5) If you want to make lemon tea, make a cup of tea first, let the tea cool until you can drink, and then place lemon slices inside. Once again, too high temperature can destroy vitamin C;

6) If you want an iced drink, pure in ice cubes once it is done.

Who should stay away from lemon water?

Notably, excessive intake, even the best food, is always bad to your health. Lemon water is no exception since it may cause side effects too. As report goes so many stomachs have been spoiled due to the excessive consumption in recent years. So, never abuse it simply because it can be of help on weight loss. Generally, no more than 1000ml per day is appropriate. In addition, don’t use it either if you suffer from hyperacidity or gastric ulcer since it has a PH value that is as low as 2.5.

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