How To Lose A Pound In An Hour?

When it comes to wrestling, boxing, or weightlifting, the weight of opponents should be matched up. Apparently, the heavier players can give themselves an edge in their competitions. For that reason, almost all of them attempt to lose some pounds before the game in order to qualify for a lighter weight class. So, how to lose weight for wrestling or similar games safely and fast?

In order to increase their performance levels and reap weight loss benefits, many players rely on anabolic steroids. However, it is hardly to be recommended because the risk of the possible side-effects is so huge that the small amount of weight loss it provides looks rather puny by comparison.

They don’t need to rely on illegal ways to drop weight quickly. Actually, there are a few feasible methods to achieve their goals. For example, they can eat no food for a period of time, restrict their daily calorie intake, do a lot of exercise, or simply lose water from the body.

In terms of losing pounds fast, the first thing to understand is that losing 1 pound of body fat is always harder than losing the equal amounts of body water. It is generally known that the average adult human body accounts for 50 to 65% water. So in that sense, the best way for that is dehydration. According to fitness experts, a person can lose 7 to 10 percent of his or her body weight in moderate dehydration. Once again, this is not real weight loss and the person will gain weight as soon as he or she drinks fluid. And so the question really becomes: how to safely dehydrate to get rid of water retention?

In general, a person drinks and eats to get water. In contrary, a person sweat, pee, have loose and watery stools, throw up, tear, spit, or even breathe to lose water. In other words, an athlete can rely on the above-mentioned ways to get water out of the body. Admittedly, sweating, spitting, and urinating are the 3 basic methods since inducing diarrhea and vomiting is unethical and the amounts of lost water by breathing and tearing are negligible.

As everyone knows, the body mainly controls its temperature by sweating, which can help lose weight due to water loss. If the body temperature rises to 99.6 degrees or higher, normally a person will begin to release a salt-based fluid from the sweat glands to cools it down. That means increased sweating occurs when people sit in a sauna for an hour and work out in a hotter place or working out harder. To be sure, sweating off the pounds is one of recommended ways for players to slip into a lower weight class to wrestle. Of course, the weight loss is just short term and keeps in mind to rehydrate as soon as possible after weighing in.

Similarly, flushing out excess water of the body system can help lose 1 pound fast. Apparently, it is another good choice if people don’t want to try dehydration. So, what causes the body to retain fluid? For most healthy people, the main culprit is the consumption of excess salt or consuming too little water. In this case, an athlete can do it by drinking a lot of water and using diuretics or water pills. As a result, increasing the amount of urine expel can thus help drop water weight fast.

Just like sweating and urinating, spitting can help cut weight for weigh-in. Although it is generally ineffective, it may allow a player to lose half of a pound quickly. But keep in mind that it is water weight, which will come backs quickly once people drink water.

One note of warning to all who want to use the above mentioned weight-cutting tactics: they only make sense for athlete to lose water weight temporarily, for example a football or wrestling weigh-in. Because strength and mental acuity are extremely important in a competition, the players should use them under the guidance of an athletic director since these tactics may make them enter the match tired and sluggish.

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