How to Get Rid of Premature Ejaculation?

prolonging-orgasmPremature ejaculation can be triggered by a variety of different causes. So, are there any ways to stop premature ejaculation fast? In general, there are two types of treatment for this most common men’s health problem. If it is the result of mild psychosocial events or lack of experience, usually self-regulation or home remedies can bring it under control. But if you have developed persistent early ejaculation, professional treatment, instead of home remedies, is highly recommended.

Treating primary diseases

Among many premature ejaculation causes, an important one is male reproductive disease, which includes prostatitis, urethritis, seminal vesiculitis, orchitis, and so on. The stimulation of chronic inflammation will make a man ejaculates sooner than he expected during sexual intercourse. In addition, foreskin is also an important factor because the glans penis will become extremely sensitive due to lack of exposure. In this case, circumcision is the ideal solution.

Fixing unhealthy lifestyles

This condition can be also caused by some bad habits, such as staying up late, smoking, drinking, etc. Now let’s take smoking and drinking as an example.

Long-term smoking can greatly affect your health. When it comes to male health, it affects the blood circulation around the penis and then delays the sexual response. Some researchers pointed out that risk factors for erectile dysfunction include smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. And among them smoking cigarettes is considered one of the most important factors.

As a gonadal toxin, alcohol can poison gonads and the main clinical manifestation in men is lowered levels of serum testosterone in blood and impotence or infertility in 70 to 80 percent of the patients.

Regulating mood

Uncontrolled ejaculation is closely associated with mood. That’s to say, excitement, anxiety, guilt, and others may lead to this embarrassing problem too. So, you should pay attention to regulate your emotions during sexual life so as not to enhance the stimulation intensity. Besides, don’t make it rough, or you will expel semen sooner.

Changing diet

If you’ve suffered from premature climax, a reasonable arrangement in your diet can be of great help. Generally, it is a good idea to avoid spicy foods, smoking, and alcohol. In addition, you can gain orgasm control by regular consumption of foods like leek, onion, lamb, seafood like fish and shrimp, soy products, and so on.

Stopping a masturbation addiction

Masturbation can contribute to rapid ejaculation too. You have to make up your mind to get rid of this addiction if you want to last longer in bed. In addition, moderation in sex activity, regular lifestyle, and adequate sleep time are of equal importance in delaying orgasm.

Eliminating or minimizing psychological factors

Psychological factors shouldn’t be ignored in the treatment of PE. First of all, you should a correct understanding about sex and fully understand the impact of psychological factors on sexual function. Secondarily, treat sexuality right.

1. Don’t mislead by some wrong beliefs to believe that sex is something shameful and disgust;
2. Don’t be discouraged by one or two failure of sexual life;
3. Enhance relationship with your sexual partner by more communication;
4. Be concentrated during intercourse, especially when you are about to ejaculate.

Engaging in physical exercise

As mentioned above, a lack of control over ejaculation is associated with many factors, which also include poor health, long-term stress, low body resistance, lack of energy, and the like. So, actively engaging in physical exercise can be of help on enhancing physical fitness and thus preventing and fixing premature ejaculation. In addition, it helps overcome this health problem by getting a good rest and adjusting the imbalances of the central nervous system function.

Using caution with medication

Erectile dysfunction medication available over the counter is not omnipotent. Abusing it may not enhance sexual function. On the contrary, it might lead to other diseases. If possible, take medication under the guidance of a doctor who specializes in ED and PE.

Massaging the acupoints

Acupressure is an old technique used in the East to promote health. It helps get rid of premature ejaculation too by massaging the right acupoints. For example, you can grip and pinch the penis with fingers to relax blood vessels, increase blood circulation, and promote penile erection. In addition, acupressure can irritate the sex nerve and regulate sex nerve’s response to sex signal. In other words, acupressure is another way that lets you enjoy sex to its fullest.

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