How to Get Rid of Milia?

milia-under-eyesSo, how do you remove milia? When you are asked this, chances are that you will instantly think of popping, picking or squeezing them since they looks really like small whitehead. Sadly, by doing so it won’t help since they are much more stubborn than you may have thought. Good news is that this cosmetic annoyance will go away on its own if you are patient enough. If you are not, you can also turn to your dermatologist or simply try some natural home remedies to get rid of these little hard, white bumps.

What are milia?

Also known as milk spots, it is small epidermal inclusion cysts that contain keratin (skin protein). Sometimes it is called sebaceous cysts, which you should know is not correct. These little white or yellowish bumps tend to afflict your face at some point in your life. That’s to say, it can occur under or around eyes, around lips, on forehead, on eyelid, on chin, on cheeks, and so on. These little tiny white dots are the result of small wounds on the skin turning into small white cysts during the self-repairing process of the skin. In addition, they may be also caused by the accumulation of sebum trapped under keratin. Although milia cysts may mar your beauty, they are completely harmless since they don’t hurt, turn red, or itch.

Causes of milia cysts

1. Frequent use of exfoliating products. Frequent exfoliation can cause injured skin, which will gradually accumulate and form hard, white, keratin-filled cysts during the process of self-repair. These wounds are often too tiny to be visible to the naked eyes. For that reason, they are often ignored by people. So, do not rigorously exfoliate and do not exfoliate too frequently your face, especially the sensitive and fragile skin around the eyes;

2. Too much oil around eyes. Endocrine disorders can make your face constantly produce oil, which will accumulate and finally turn into milia if you fail to remove it in time and allow it piles up. Similarly, eating too much fatty foods can lead to oily face. In addition, the use of greasy, moisturizing eye creams can increase these tiny, little hard white bumps too.

3. Bad beauty habits. If you wear makeup pretty much every day, this is bad since your face needs to breathe as well. In addition, the way you wash your face and remove your makeup matters too. If you do it the wrong way, as time passes large amounts of chemical residue will accumulate in the face and lead to milia cysts.

Milia treatment

As mentioned above, although these bumps are annoying, they don’t post threat to you. If you think they’ve impeded your ability to truly enjoy your social life, these easy, effective ways can help you banish milia fast.

1. Milia removal by dermatologist. It is worth mentioning that seeking help from dermatologist is a good idea if you get too many of them. And the dermatologists tend to use a small electric needle to handle them. In this case, don’t do it yourself because doing so may cause injury and infection.

2. Milia removal at home. If you have just a few of them, you can take them right out with a needle. The steps are to clean you face, apply hot towel, gently rub them with facial scrub until the whitehead appears, get it out with a sterilized needle, and finally apply a little anti-inflammatory creams to prevent infection.

3. Reducing the use of moisturizers. When milia first begin to appear, you need to stop using high-nutrition moisturizers. Otherwise, it will encourage more. If they are around your eyes only, your dermatologist will advise you to temporarily stop using eye creams and other similar products that contain too many nutrients or hormones.

4. Clever use of vitamin E. Puncture a vitamin E capsule and apply the oil evenly on milia bumps. It will help remove them all if you do it every day, once in the morning and once in the evening. This home remedy, reassuringly, has no side effects. Besides, you can also try chlortetracycline ointment, which typically help get rid of them within about two weeks.

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