How to Get Rid of Bad Smells in Refrigerator?

refrigerator-odor-removerRefrigerator and freezer play an irreplaceable role in our lives these days. However, these household appliances have an inherent problem – bad smells occurs as more and more everyday food items are stuffed inside or due to an accidental unplugging or electrical failure. This odor coming from your fridge sometimes can be so terrible that it’ll take the edge off your appetite and hunger. In this case, you need to thoroughly deodorize your fridge to get your appetite back to normal again. If you don’t find a way of removing it yet, consider these 12 easy and simple tips.

1. Dough

As everyone knows, dough is the mixture of flour and water. Dough is cooked to make a lot of foods, such as cookies, bread, pastry, and so on. However, you may not know that putting a small piece of dough in the top shelf of the fridge can help keep yous smelling fresh for at least 2 to 3 months;

2. Leftover bread

What a pity it is to watch bread waste away. In fact, you can use the leftover bread to eliminate bad odors in your fridge before it goes bad. What you need to do is just to wrapped it in a box and put it in the refrigerator. Then it just works like a deodorant;

3. Cotton towel

Prepare a clean cotton towel, fold it neatly, and let it land on the highest shelf of your refrigerator. By doing so, fine holes on the towel can absorb the bad odors. And don’t forget to wash and dry the towel on a regular basis;

4. Orange peel

Buy about 400 grams of fresh oranges, keep the orange peel after eating, clean and dry them, and scatter them inside the shelves. Usually, it needs about 3 days to give you a clean and fresh refrigerator;

5. Lemon

Cut the lemon into small pieces, and sprinkle the cut pieces on the top, middle and top shelves. That’s it. And it will keep your fridge odor free ever since. Of course, please always remember to replace the old lemon with fresh ones;

6. Tea

Pack 50 grams of tea in gauze bag and put it in the freezer. It can help get rid of spoiled-food smells. And remember to take it out and expose it to the sun 1 month later. You can use it repeatedly and, in fact, its effect won’t reduce;

7. Quartz monzonite

Quartz monzonite, also known as adamellite, has a strong adsorption capacity. The method is to prepare 500 grams of adamellite, screen out the powder particles, place the rest into a gauze bag, and put it inside your fridge. Usually, it can get rid of the musty smell in 10 minutes;

8. Vinegar

Pour some vinegar into a wide-mouth glass jar and then leave it inside the fridge. As you may know, vinegar is good at removing the stale fridge smell too;

9. Baking soda

Keep portions of 500 g baking soda into two wide mouth glass storage jars and let them sit on the upper and bottom shelves. Over time it will help avoid nasty smells;

10. Rice wine

Putting a bowl of rice wine on the bottom shelf can remove unpleasant smells in 3 days. By the way, be careful not to spill the rice wine;

11. Sandalwood soap

Remove the wrapping paper of a sandalwood soap and throw it into your fridge. This is a good way to get rid of an awful smell too. However, before doing so you have to place the cooked food in a covered container in the first place to avoid food contamination, just in case;

12. Charcoal

Crush the right amount of charcoal, pack them in a small cloth bag, and keep it in the fridge. These charcoals will absorb spoiled-food smells soon just like adamellite does.

In addition to the above-mentioned methods, it is very important to give your fridge a regular clean. In this regard, a sponge soaked in undiluted tomato juice is recommended to wipe down the inside of your fridge. Of course, the process of removing unpleasant smells can be quite challenging. Else, it is a good idea to timely dispose of the bad food caused the odor. Or it won’t help too much if you fail to get rid of its source.

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