How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose without Medicine?

nasal-congestionHaving stuffy nose can make you feel really bad since you can’t breathe through one of your nostril or simply can’t breathe through either. Only at this time will you think of the importance of the unclogged nose, whose role is self-evident – you can breathe more easily and work more efficiently. Usually for most of you taking medicine is top of mind since a quick relief is badly needed. But if you hate to take medication just like me, you can try these simple home remedies that always work for me.


Humidity matters when it comes to nasal congestion. As a result, you’d better think of a plan to increase the humidity. In fact, a vaporizer or humidifier can do the trick for you. What you need to do is simply to turn it on before you go to bed at night. Once it begins to work, it consistently adds moist into the dry air. In addition, humidifier can bring you an extra bonus – thin the mucus and promote drainage.

Onions or white part of scallion

Chop a small handful of scallion white or 3 or 4 onions and then make soup. Sniff the steam while the soup is still hot. Or you can also boil it with vinegar and then inhale the evaporated vinegar. Both methods can open up the blocked sinuses.

Salt water

What you need to do is to snort the salt water and rinse your nostrils. And the water will flow out separately from your nose and mouth. At the very start, you may swallow the water due to lack of training. But it will get better a few days later. Or you can also use a tool called Neti Pot to pour salt water into your nose.

But note that the concentration of salt water used as nose rinse solution should be slightly lower than that of normal saline (NS) because too high concentration will cause damage to the nasal mucosa. Specifically, home-made saline can be made the proportion of 1 gram of salt and 100 grams of water. After it is done, let cool and set it aside. When in use, the cool saline should be added in a little bit hot water in order to slightly lower its concentration. If it is a kid, you’d better send him or her to the hospital to do so.

Scallion white filler

Smash the scallion white for its juice, let the juice seep into a cotton wool, and then slip the cotton wool into the stuffy nose. Or you can also cut large garlic into a cylinder that is slightly smaller than the nostrils and then slip it into the nostril after wrapped with a thin layer of cotton or gauze.

Hot shower

Hot shower is a good way to relieve the congested nose thanks to the help of hot water and the stream. As long as you stay in the bathroom that is full of steam for more than 10 minutes, the steam can increase the humidity in the respiratory tract and then relieve nasal symptoms. By the way, make sure to make your Dazhui acupoint, the dent below the most prominent piece of the cervical spine, feel the impact of the water. By doing so, more relief will be obtained.

Lying on side and massaging

If the left nostril is blocked, you should lie on your right side; if the right nostril is blocked, you should lie on your left side. And then rub Yingxiang point, 0.5cm outside of the wing of nose, with your thumb and index finger for 1 to 2 minutes. It will help clear the nasal passageways.

Drinking water

Mucus may thicken and stick in nasal cavities sometimes and then contribute to your stuffy nose in the end. In this case, drinking lots of water can help. This is because it is able to thin out the stuck and thicken mucus.

Hot towel

You can use a hot towel on your nose to get rid of the nasal congestion. In addition, it also works by using a hair dryer to blow hot air at your temple, FengChi Point, and Dazhui point.


Sniffing steam is one of the most common methods for stuffy nose. The warm steam can let the nose receptors become more sensitive to the air flow and therefore make you get temporarily relief. It will be fine to use it 3 times a day, 5 minutes a time. Also, you can add some mint in the hot water to make it more efficient.

Position changing

This method makes sense for babies. Babies wouldn’t stop crying if nasal congestion occurs. Then you can hold it upright, and soon it will fall into sleep.

Hot foods

Spicy food contains capsaicin, which will enter the nasal cavity along the nasopharyngeal tube after it is eaten. Sometimes part of it will enter nasolacrimal duct too. When the body is stimulated, the body will secrete liquids, such as tears and snot, to dilute these substances. So, the problem has been solved unknowingly.


Use both of your thumbs to massage the sides of the nose, gently press out the mucus generated, rub the nasal cavity with a cotton swab with sesame oil, again press out the mucus produced at this time, and finally rub the nasal cavity with a cotton swab with honey.

Holding your breath

When you gasp for breath, your first thought may be breathing hard or breathing with open mouth in order to inhale the air. It is human instinct. However, some health experts point out that holding your breath for tens of seconds makes more sense to your congestion since it results in raised lung temperature and the occurrence of nasal vapor. In this way stuffy nose will be naturally open.

Besides, you can also give Flip-Turn Sinus Flush (by friggy) a try. Of course, all the above-mentioned methods are just little tricks that offer temporary relief to your stuffy nose. If you want a cure, you’d better to see a doctor and let him prescribe the right medicine. Besides, make sure to gently blow your nose when nasal congestion occurs.

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