Healthy Foods for Men to Eat

men's-health-perfect-week-of-eatingAs modern men, you need a healthier body to better adapt today’s hectic pace of life. In fact, it is easy to do so once you get the hang of it. At least, it’s not as difficult as you think. For example, a healthy eating can be a good idea since it can offer you with much more benefits that you possibly could have anticipated. In other words, sometimes the healthy diet works better than any medication. Of course, first you need to know what men’s health foods are. If you have no idea where to start, here is a list for your reference.

1 apple

An apple is an ideal fruit for weight loss and heart protection. You may not know that a man is 3 times likely to have coronary heart disease than a woman. Dutch scientists found that eating an apple a day could help reduce the prevalence of coronary heart disease by 50%. It is still beneficial for you to take one day off per week to eat at least 400g apple. Usually 5 “Apple days” like that will help you stay away from coronary heart disease. What’s more, apple helps lose weight too. That’s to say, if you finish 1,500 grams of fresh apples, 6 times in a day, you will see results after 10 such “Apple days”.

2 oranges

Men’s stomach is a lot busier than women’s. And men have higher chances of developing stomach cancer. Australian medical experts found that eating two citrus fruits daily could help reduce the risk of stomach cancer by 50%.

3 watermelons

Watermelon contains a large number of citrulline, which has similar pharmacological effects to “Viagra.” In other words, 3 watermelons are equivalent to a “Viagra”. Although watermelon is beneficial for men, you need to control the amount you eat. Otherwise, you’ll get an upset stomach if you eat too fast or too much.

10 grapes

Grapes are one of ideal stroke prevention foods. Studies found that men have higher stroke risks. However, the risk can be greatly reduced as long as you eat 10 grapes every day. And another key thing to note about grape consumption is that it is best not to peel them since eating the whole grape offers more health benefits.

20 cherries

Many men today have to rush around to make a living. That’s why men are prone to arthritis. But regularly eating cherries or drinking cherry juice can help prevent arthritis. Specifically, consuming 20 sour cherries daily can basically control the pain caused by arthritis.

50 grams of pumpkin seeds

It’s important to have a healthy prostate for men, especially for middle-aged men. As you age, enlarged prostate becomes some common. What’s worse, prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men. However, studies found that eating a handful of pumpkin seeds (about 50 grams) can keep your prostate healthy as you age.

More spinach

As you age you will gradually find that you don’t see as well as you used to. What’s worse, eye problems can make you hard to work or manage daily activities. But eating spinach 2-4 times a week can protect your eyesight.

More goji berry

Kidney is an important organ since it is considered closely related to sexual performance in oriental countries. When it comes to kidney tonifying foods, animal organ meats and seafood have been the most popular choice. However, the drawback is that they may cause high blood pressure and other health problem due to high cholesterol. As middle-aged and older men, you have to be careful about cholesterol levels.

However, you can choose other foods to keep your kidneys healthy. In fact, those are rich in vitamin E and cholesterol-free foods are mostly kidney tonic foods, among which goji berry is undoubtedly the first choice. In addition, black sesame and walnut are another two men’s health foods that are worth a recommendation too.

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