Healthier Way to Drink Your Coffee

drink-coffee-the-healthy-wayEverything in the world has pros and cons. So does drinking coffee. It is good for you if you have it properly. Instead, it might become a risk factor to your health once you make some mistakes, such as drinking too much or the wrong way. If you don’t want to become a victim of caffeine, from now on take it seriously and please follow these tips to a tee.

Try not to use coffee creamer

Many of you love coffee creamer so much because it adds creamy and flavorful finish. However, you may not know that the thing pleases your picky taste bud could be something bad for your health. If you ever take a close look at the ingredient list, you will find out one important ingredient called non-dairy creamer, which is mainly made of glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, sodium caseinate, and three food additives, including stabilizers, emulsifiers and anti-caking agent. Hydrogenated vegetable oils contain trans fatty acids, which are considered more dangerous than saturated fatty acids. Currently this is a fact widely recognized in nutrition circles since Hydrogenated vegetable oils have 4 major hazards.

1) It increases blood viscosity and cohesion and promotes thrombosis;
2) It raises level of LDL cholesterol, a type of bad cholesterol, lowers level of HDL cholesterol, a type of good cholesterol, and promotes atherosclerosis;
3) It increases incidence of type II diabetes and breast cancer;
4) It affects the normal growth and development of infants and adolescents, and may have adverse effects on the development of the central nervous system;

So, stay away from coffee mate, as best you can, if you are used to drinking it. Just in case you can’t live without that familiar flavor, you can directly add the right amount of whole milk and sugar instead. By doing so, it not only tastes equally creamy, but also has a higher nutritional value.

Right amount of sugar is the key

Caffeine helps with weight loss, which has been reported and confirmed by many people. As everyone knows, caffeine can get people excited, and then lead to weight loss by promoting calorie burning. Unfortunately, many people found that this method did not work at all, worse still, it actually helped gain weight.

Much to the surprise of many, it is the creams or sugar added that should be blamed for the weight gaining. For a lot of people, especially someone with a sweet tooth, it is quite natural to add large amount of sugar to improve the taste. As a result, the tragedy follows then. Compared to the enormous energy generated by sugar or creams, the calories burned by caffeine seem so insignificant. So, it is best to put less or even no sugar in case excessive calories are taken in.

Stay away from coffee when you are nervous

It could make it worse if you drink coffee when you are very tense. It is well-known that coffee helps improve alertness, sensitivity, and memory. However, a cup of it will also negatively affect your mood, in particular in the situations of tension and stress. Additionally, for people with tendencies of anxiety disorder, caffeine is more likely to aggravate symptoms of palms sweating, heart palpitations, tinnitus, and so on.

Don’t drink too much coffee

No doubt, drinking it moderately can refresh you very quickly. But if you use the amount more than you are accustomed to, it will make you too excited and even cause nervousness. So, try to restrain yourself to no more than 2 cups per day even though you want it very badly. Sometimes, you have to give up something for a bigger good, for example, your health.

People with hypertension should avoid caffeine

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, it is a good idea to quit it from now on. Caffeine can make you excited while causing raised blood pressure. For that reason, caffeine can become very dangerous if you are suffering from abnormally high blood pressure in combination with emotional tension. Hence, you should avoid coffee or any other caffeine-containing beverages if you have hypertension and feel stressed all the time. Don’t take any chances just because you think you are already immune to caffeine by drinking it for so many years. However this was not the case. A study showed that after drinking a cup of coffee your blood pressure could keep high for up to 12 hours even though you are an experienced coffee lover. So, if you are a man over 50 and have the habit of drinking coffee, you’d better keep an eye on it and try your best to keep the blood pressure within ideal range.

Drinking time does matter

Generally, the best time for coffee is after finishing breakfast and lunch as it promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis and helps digestion by breaking down the high-calorie, high-fat foods. By doing so, it also avoids irritating the stomach, which often happens when your stomach is empty. What’s more, you’d better not to drink it after dinner since it may have a negative impact on your sleep quality at night. It is also a bad idea to use it in order to help you stay up late since you may drink too much of it unwittingly.

There’s no perfect food and, for the same reason, there’s food that is good for nothing. Coffee is no exception. It’s not that coffee is inherently wrong. It is you who drink it to decide caffeine is good or evil.

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