Ginkgo Biloba and Male Enhancement

ginkgo-biloba-leafWhen it comes to ginkgo biloba leaf, its cognitive benefits will be first come to mind. However, it is just one of its many virtues. You may not be aware that it helps male enhancement too. These two benefits may not seem relevant to each other, but both of them is based on the same function found on this herb – ginkgo is able to expand the capacity of venous and arterial blood flow. By doing so, it not only increases the supply of oxygen to the brain and makes it function better, but also provides sufficient blood for the penile erection. No wonder it is also considered one of the best longevity and anti-aging herbs too.

Common causes of impotence

Impotence refers to a disease that makes a man fails to maintain an adequate erection to have sex. Although men are shy to talk about this problem, there is no denying that this is very common. And it usually starts before or after a man is entering a new phase of mid-life.

The good news is that most cases of impotence are completely preventable as long as you stick to a healthy lifestyle. Some studies found that coronary heart disease and diabetes are very likely to increase the risk of developing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) since they can cause circulation disorders.

The reason is quite simple. As you may know, in order to maintain a normal erection the blood should flow to the penis smoothly. Once arteriosclerosis occurs, the arteries fail to carry the blood to the penis timely and successfully because of the blockage. As a result, it is impossible to get or maintain an erection.

Hypertension also increases the possibility of impotence. The reason for that are twofold: high blood pressure have an adverse effect on blood circulation, plus many drugs used to lower blood pressure may impede normal sexual desire or ability to sustain an erection.

How ginkgo biloba helps male enhancement?

Ginkgo biloba is an viagra-like food since it is conducive to circulation. So, ginkgo supplements are essential to a man with erectile dysfunction. So far there is at least a study has confirmed that taking ginkgo supplements can greatly improve impotence due to circulation problems.

This is simply because the ginkgo extract is capable of regulating vascular tone and elasticity, let alone inhibiting platelet adhesion. That’s to say, it can facilitate the circulation of blood. This function works to the circulatory system’s large blood vessels (arteries) and smaller blood vessels (capillaries) too.

Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract can simultaneously promote the circulations of brain and body limb. One of its major benefits is to inhibit a substance called platelet-activating factor (PAF), which is a media released from the cells and leads to platelet aggregation. High-level PAF can cause nerve cell damage, reduced blood flow and inflammation in central nervous system, bronchoconstriction, and so on. Much like free radicals, High-level PAF cause aging too.

In addition, ginkgolides and bilobalide can protect the nerve cells in the central nervous system from damage during the period of ischemia, namely lack of oxygen in body tissue. This function may be used as an adjuvant therapy for the stroke patients.

Although this claim of ginkgo biloba helping male enhancement lacks the support of double-blind trial, both case reports and open studies pointed out that ginkgo could improve sexual dysfunction caused by SSRIs and some other antidepressants.

Precautions of taking ginkgo

It is important to know that ginkgo biloba is not one of medically approved or FDA approved penis-enlargement products. When it is used as one of organic male enhancers or something else, there are a few things that require your attention. Although it appears to be safe when taken by mouth, it may cause some minor side effects like allergies, headache, dizziness, nausea, and so on.

1. Since it can enhance blood flow, for patients with blood disorders, especially in the case of blood failing to clot in wound, precautions should be taken to prevent from slowing the clotting process due to the enhanced blood flow;

2. If you prefer ginkgo fruit, you have to be careful. This is because some certain toxins have been confirmed in uncooked ginkgo fruit. So it is best to cook them well for safety’s sake;

3. As a newly added ingredient in the diet, it can cause mild stomach pain and diarrhea in some individuals.

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