Garlic Anti-aging Benefits

garlic-mask-for-wrinklesAs one of the indispensable condiments in daily diet of many families, garlic can serve as a medicine too since it has magical properties. In addition to prevent yeast infection, colds, cancer, coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis, it is praised as one of foods that prevent aging and wrinkles, thanks to its powerful antioxidant effects.

How to eat garlic to delay aging naturally?

Almost the whole clove has medicinal value. The health benefits of eating garlic are enormous since it has amazing anti-aging, analgesic, antifungal, antiseptic, anti-viral, skin smoothing, anti-oxidation and blood-thinning properties. No matter it is eaten raw, cooked, or in the form of extract, it can help slow aging process. And here are 4 popular options.

1. Add the chopped raw one daily in salads. Eating it raw is believed to keep the most powerful anti-aging ingredients.

2. Crush a clove and swallow it with water, or cut a clove into chunks and swallow them whole. This can be one of the best methods of consuming it if you do not like its pungent taste.

3. Roast a clove on the stove until softened, squeeze it from the white, papery sheath, place it on a platter, cut it with a knife, use it as a butter substitute and put it on the bread. Do it once a week.

4. Cut cloves and cook them with coup 10 minutes later. By doing so it retains more anti-aging compounds.

5. Take garlic supplements every day. Since they contain concentrated extract, they are suitable for people who get turned off by the smell.

Anti-aging secrets of eating garlic

The best way of making full use of the anti-aging benefits of garlic is to eat it raw. Just like a lot of vegetables, the cooked garlic will lose nutritional value and antioxidants after being cooked. In addition, the active ingredients in this spice are very easy to be damaged and lose their activity when they are exposed to air for a long time or placed in high temperature for a while.

A lot of people like to eat the finely chopped garlic. But this practice will affect the release of the effective ingredient. When it is eaten raw, the best method is to crush a few cloves, and eat them after 10 to 15 minutes. Doing so can make allicin and more active enzymes become fully effective to get rid of wrinkles.

However, the sulfur compounds in garlic can cause mucosal irritation. So, many people simply swallow them whole because they are afraid of this pungent taste. This is so wrong because allicin doesn’t exist in the whole cloves. In other words, physiologically active allicin is produced only when it is chopped to allow allicin precursors and enzymes to take effect.


1. People who like to eat it raw should limit to no more than two cloves per day, and preferably eating them in more meals.

2. High quality garlic is the fresh ones with white, smooth papery-like skin, firm bulbs, and slightly pungent smell. On the contrary, don’t choose those are moldy, soft, sweet, or with spots.

3. If garlic has to be stored for 1 or 2 weeks for certain reason, it is best to put them in a suspended basket. If you need to store them longer, it is a good idea to seal them with plastic bags and then put them in the refrigerator.

4. Eating raw garlic can cause bad breath. This is embarrassing although the health benefits of doing so outweigh the trouble followed. An effective method to deal with such bad breath is to eat a handful of fresh parsley right after the consumption.

5. Do not eat garlic a month before and after surgery because this is a blood thinner that will result in delayed wound healing because of the increased amount of bleeding.

6. The cloves are hard to peel when it is raw. It is a good idea to microwave them. By doing so, it can help peel garlic in 10 seconds.

7. Garlic is a strong irritant. Patients with gastrointestinal diseases, especially gastritis, gastric ulcer, or duodenal ulcer, should not eat it raw. Otherwise, it will cause abdominal pain. In addition, patients with eye problems should stay away from the raw ones too since eating lots of them may cause blepharitis and conjunctivitis due to the stimulating effect on the eyes.

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