Foods that Lower Cholesterol Naturally

cholesterol-fighting-foodsCholesterol has a wide range of physiological effects in the body. However, the high level of it, mostly as a result of a wrong diet, will lead to hypercholesterolemia. In this case, it is time for you to make changes in your dietary habits and lifestyle. So eat more cholesterol lowering foods from now on if you don’t want to end up using medication.

While low cholesterol diet can benefit you, the high ones are the last things you want to eat. They include fatty meat, sugar-sweetened beverage, cream, cake, chocolate, all kinds of animal oils, and so on. Long-term intake of these foods will thus increase the body’s cholesterol level. However, it is important to know that some of them are better than others. In other words, there are “good” and “bad” cholesterol. The former refers to high-density lipoprotein (HDL) while the latter to low-density lipoprotein (LDL). In this sense, in order to lower your risk of heart disease and heart attacks, you should boost HDL one while reducing LDL one. And the following top 10 cholesterol lowering foods will certainly help.


Apples are a very good lipid-lowering food because of its rich pectin, cellulose and vitamin C. If you eat two apples a day and continue for a month, most of you will have reduced LDL but increased HDL.


Carrots contains large amount of calcium pectate, which can be discharged from the stool after a chemical reaction with bile acids. Your body is bound to use the cholesterol in the blood to produce bile acids, which thus contributes to lower its levels in blood.


Corn is rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium, lecithin, and vitamin E. For that reason, corn is able to lower serum cholesterol.


Oysters are rich in zinc and taurine. Taurine, a sulphur-containing amino acid, can promote the decomposition of cholesterol and then help reduce blood lipid levels.


If your levels are normal or slightly higher, you can replace foods high in LDL with almonds to lower it in blood and maintain heart health.


Since kelp is rich in taurine, it can reduce blood pressure and HDL level in bile. In addition, as a source of dietary fiber it also contains lots of alginic acid, which can also inhibit cholesterol absorption and promote the excretion.


Garlic can reduce the hepatic synthesis of cholesterol. Just eating 3 cloves of raw garlic daily can effectively reduce LDL and increase HDL, which thereby will lower the incidence of heart disease by 50%.


Milk contains more calcium, which can inhibit the activity of enzyme that involves in cholesterol synthesis and also reduce the body’s absorption of it.


Satsuma is rich in vitamin C. Eating more satsumas can improve the liver’s detoxification capacity, speed up the transformation of cholesterol, and reduce serum cholesterol and lipids.


Tea contains caffeine and polyphenols. That makes tea refresh, improve heart health, increase the flow of urine, enhance digestion, and lower lipid. So regular tea drinking can prevent the increase of HDL level in the human body.


Fish, especially salmon and tuna, contains plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids, which have long been proven to help lower HDL level. So it is recommended to eat two to three times of fish instead of meat per week. As an added bonus, eating more fish helps lose weight too.

Soy bean

Isoflavones, a hormone-like compound found in soy protein, can also help lower HDL level. So you should consume more soy milk, tofu, and other soy products if you want to lower LDL levels. Else, don’t forget to eat more soybeans, vegetables, and whole grains.


Study reported that eating about 3/4 cup of oatmeal a day could help lower total cholesterol by 4-8%. This is because oatmeal contains soluble fiber. In addition to oatmeal, other foods high in soluble fiber include weight-loss fruits like apples and citrus fruit, dried beans such as kidney beans, soybeans, and blackeyed-pea.

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