Foods That Help Forehead Acne

forehead-acne-and-dietForehead is one of the most common acne-prone areas. For some of you, forehead acne won’t go away easily. There is no denying that lifestyle and diet can partly contribute to acne breakouts on forehead. This is why sometimes eating more foods like fruits and vegetables can offer a relief.

Compared to other parts of the face, such as chin, jawline, and cheeks, sometimes forehead can be more difficult to keep clear. One of the few advantages of pimples that pop up on the forehead is that they can be covered up with bangs. Apparently, this is only a quick fix instead of a permanent answer to this skin problem. Acne not only makes you look terrible, but also indicates serious underlying health problems, according to Chinese map of acne. That’s to say, different internal imbalances can be the culprit for certain acne on certain parts of your face. That means the deeper lying causes should be first dealt with when it comes to getting rid of forehead acne. So, if a balanced diet or conventional methods, such as calamine lotion, calendula, propolis, and Oregano oil, didn’t work for you anymore, you should really look at the interactive acne face map and find out the real cause and do something constructive to solve it.

According to Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acne and pimples on forehead are generally due to heart-fire hyperactivity, poor blood circulation, and emotional exhaustion. Also, it is also a sign of buildup of toxins in body due to an overloaded liver. In terms of dealing with heart-fire hyperactivity, Chinese medicine is at an advantage.

TCM tends to think that forehead responses to heart. Using your head too much can lead to flaring-up of the heart-fire and quick temper. As a result, heat will move upward along the heart channel and then pile up in the corresponding location – forehead. So, how to get rid of forehead acne naturally? TCM suggests starting from diet changes and internal adjustment. In terms of food therapy, it is a good idea to eat more foods that are rich in zinc, calcium, vitamins, and dietary fiber to clear away the heart-fire.

1. Eating more foods that are high in zinc and calcium. Zinc is a mineral that not only improves the body immunity, but also promotes protein synthesis. In other words, it helps cell regeneration and wound recovery. Calcium can soothe nerves. Common foods rich in zinc include corn, lentils, soybeans, carrots, mushrooms, nuts, liver and scallops. And the preferred calcium-rich foods are dairy products (milk, cheese, and yogurt), white beans, spinach, okra, collards, kale, and the like.

2. Eating more vitamin-rich foods. Vitamin A, B2, B6, C and E are good for skin. For example, vitamin A can promote skin regeneration. When it works with zinc, it controls epithelial cell proliferation, deals with follicular hyperkeratosis, regulates the secretion of sweat glands, and reduces skin damage caused by acidic metabolites. Besides, while vitamin C can repair damaged tissue caused by acne, vitamin B2 and B6 can participate in protein metabolism, improve fat metabolism, and decrease stress related to the development of acne. Vitamin A-rich foods are lettuce, spinach, apricots, mangoes, animal liver, cod liver oil and eggs, and so on. Vitamin E-rich foods include seeds, nuts, vegetable oils, and more.

3. Eating more high-fiber foods. The typical ones are whole wheat bread, whole grains, soybean, bamboo shoots, and more. They can improve the metabolism of gastrointestinal motility and help your body excrete excess fat.

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