Drinking Coffee to Lose Weight?

coffee-dietCan drinking coffee help you lose weight? It seems that this controversial topic has been discussed for a while and there is no general agreement yet. However, there’s no denying that it is a good idea to start your day by sipping a cup of coffee in the morning because it can perk you up for the day. Since a caffeinated drink is known for its refreshing and exciting properties, does that mean that it can prevent weight gain by increasing the metabolism?

Can coffee help you burn fat?

As you know, caffeine is a bitter substance found in many everyday products, such as coffee beans, Cola, soda, tea, decaf, energy drinks, yerba mate, chocolate, kola nuts, and certain medicines. In theory, caffeine can speed up metabolism, promote digestion, improve constipation, and burn fat. However, health experts say that the calories it burns are too little to give you the desirable results.

If you add a ton of sugar, creamer or milk, it can in no way help lose weight since apparently you have forgot the bottom line – cut sugars out of your diet. This is because added sugars are a major cause of America’s obesity epidemic. In addition, drinking an excessive amount of coffee is not advisable either although many studies have shown that caffeine is beneficial to the human body in many ways, such as helping you maximize your athletic performance, relieving stress, and refreshing you.

So, you need to use it in a wiser way if you want to boost weight loss with this beverage.

Tips on drinking coffee to lose weight fast

The best time to drink it is half an hour to an hour after a meal. Similarly, this will be probably the best opportunity to lose weight fast with a coffee diet. At this time drinking a cup of black coffee not only helps you digest, but also promote fat burning. And the result will be much better if you have a walk after drinking a cup of this caffeinated beverage, of course without milk and sugar. But remember not to drink it on an empty stomach. Otherwise, it will impose an extra burden on the heart.

1. No sugar. Drinking it with too much sugar will certainly ruin its benefits of burning calories since sugar hinders lipolysis. If possible try your best to drink your coffee black because it has little calories when it’s served black. Or try adding a dash of cinnamon instead if you do need some flavor;

2. No iced coffee. The hot one is better since it can help the body to burn fat faster. On the contrary, the cold brew one doesn’t really help your weight loss efforts.

3. A light roast is preferred. A dark roast may make it smell better, but it tends to have less caffeine due to the heat process. For that reason, its ability to burn fat will be reduced. So, choose the light one instead although it is not that fragrant.

In a word, drinking coffee provides a certain degree of weight loss since mild caffeine consumption can promote the body’s metabolism and then burn excess body fat. However, the bad news is that it may do harm to your health when used improperly. And, above all, be mindful of the hazards of absorbing too much caffeine. Otherwise, it may make you over-excited and sleepless, or even permanent damage to the body in a worst-case scenario.

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