Does the Color of Light Affect Fish?

plant-growthAs a devoted pet fish owner, in order to take good care of them you’ll certainly pay attention to all details, among which aquarium lighting can be one of big concerns although many of you are not fully convinced. So, does the color of light affect fish? If yes, how does the aquarium decoration impact them? Read on please if you want to know the right answer.

Just like any other pets, fish also require maintenance, which mainly includes daily feeding, tank cleaning, proper aquarium lighting, and so on. However, since there are so many fish tank lighting available in the market you probably don’t know how to choose the right one. More importantly you are not sure whether or not your pet will be affected by the color. To be honest, the illumination intensity and length, instead of the color, have a significant impact on them.

No matter what color the fish tank lights are, the illumination intensity or brightness will still have an impact. You may know that a lot of fish with poor eyesight can see the colors. Prolonged exposure to bright light will cause damage to some species, especially those that like hiding in the dark corners of the tank bottom or stone. In short, it is better to provide the aquarium with a soft light than to a bright one. Of course, the major drawback of a soft one is that it may have the effect of fading the coloration. In other words, your fish will look less attractive.

So does the length of exposure time. For most ornamental species the tank is usually considered their home. As a result, their bodies will adapt to the surroundings, including the lighting. They need to regularly expose to and avoid lighting, which means that you should turn on them during and days while closing them at night.

Now the question is: what is the ideal aquarium lighting? In fact, if your home has a lot of light, it is not a must. Honestly, the decorative effect is not your major pursuit either. So, in this sense the one closer to nature way can be considered the best one. Although a red LED can make red fish appear redder and white one whiter, after all you are not a seller who just aims to attract more customers to buy. In fact, for all I know, red one sometimes can lead to fading the coloration to your pet too. Of course, this is not the fault of the LED but the insufficiency of the sun’s rays.

Although the sun’s rays can make your fish look even better, apparently it is unrealistic to have it there all the time. Since it is not available all day long you can choose the artificial lighting close to natural one. In this regard, the most common one is the soft, white light from fluorescent source. What’s more, you can choose colored option too. In this case, the cooler (blue or green) light will be highly recommended.

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