Does Metamucil Help You Lose Weight?

metamucil-dietA lot of people may want to try out Metamucil too since they’ve heard some weight-loss success stories with this supplement. If you would like to use it for that purpose, at this point one thing must be made clear to you is that this is one of dietary supplements and Metamucil is its brand name. In addition, it is mainly designed for relieving constipation instead of losing weight. That’s to say, the function of losing weight is just an unexpected discovery of it.

How does Metamucil work?

To explain it further, an important concept you need to get to know first is psyllium husk. This is a natural fiber from plantago ovata. In fact, in the past 80 years Metamucil has used it as the main source of soluble and insoluble fiber. As you may know, dietary fiber means a lot to your healthy diet. Since psyllium husk is the main source of soluble fiber in Metamucil, this ingredient will turn into a viscous gel inside your body once you take Metamucil. Next, this gel will expand so remarkably that it supports the waste products and improves the bowel movements. That’s the reason why this supplement is mainly used to treat constipation.

As an added bonus, it helps lose weight. The reason is very simple – the gel in digestive tract expands and makes you feel satisfactorily full and unable to take on more. As a result, low intake of calories can get you thin over time.

Besides of the above-mentioned benefits, psyllium husk can also prevent a number of other diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart trouble, elevated blood sugar, and so on. As you can see, all of them are more or less related to obese or overweight. In addition, stable blood sugar levels are essential to the success of your weight-loss efforts. That’s where psyllium comes in since it is able to have the blood sugar levels under control. Otherwise, the unstable blood sugar levels tend to whet your appetite, increase food intake, and in the end make you gain weight.

The do’s and don’ts

After all, Metamucil is mainly aiming for relieving constipation although it is sometimes used for weight loss purpose. In a sense, it cannot directly make you lose weight. Currently Metamucil supplement is available in the forms of powder, chewable wafers, and capsules. In the case of powder, you should finish it right away when combined with water. This is because it is hard to swallow once it turns thick.

Since this is one of fiber supplements, there are a few things about Metamucil worth your attention. Firstly, a certain length of time, say 2 hours, is needed to separate Metamucil from other medications since taking them both at the same time can make other drugs fail to be absorbed properly in the body; secondarily, it is recommended to gradually increase the dose of this supplement. Or digestive discomfort is likely caused if too much of it is added to your diet in the very beginning; thirdly, drinking more water daily is highly recommended too during you use fiber supplement.

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