Does Cornbread Make Your Booty Bigger?

bigger-buttocksWhen it comes to how to make your booty bigger without surgery, you may be advised to try out tons of butt-toning solutions, among which the most popular ones include butt enhancement cream, shake, pills, injections, surgery, exercise, and so on. Of course, if you would like to add size to your booty by simply food consumption, eating cornbread seems to be a good idea since this practice has bounced back these days. So, does eating cornbread really work to change your booty shape?

Also called Johnny cake or Indian cake, corn bread is mainly based on corn meal, which is a whole grain. In addition, it is often served with butter and chili. As you can see now, this combination is rich in fat and carbohydrates. Theoretically, these nutrients are something needed to make your butt bigger. From this point of view, the answer is yes.

Although eating cornbread does help you get bigger booty, the result may vary due to the variable nutrient content. In terms of making your booty jump, one of the key factors involved is the energy content contained in a meal of cornbread. As you know, it is closely related to the chosen corn, milk, oil, and other ingredients. Apparently, this value can be quite different in one serving of it, typically ranging from 200 to 400 calories.

Unfortunately, just like any food with fat and carbs, cornbread is no exception and it help you gain weight in other body parts too. That’s to say, the calories and fat can’t be assigned to the place where you want them to appear. From this perspective, the answer is no.

Anyway, in terms of building bigger butt and sexier curves with cornbread consumption, there is a trick you can use to help get what you want while getting rid of what you don’t want. This secret is to combine it with targeted exercises. However, you should purposely choose the exercises that fit you most. To that end, you should first figure out two things – what does cornbread do to your body and what part you want most to get bigger. Of course, in this case, it is the buttocks that you want to gain weight. So what’s left is to find out what body part the cornbread impacts most. For example, if it is the size of your breasts, stomach, or arms increase most, you should come up with a workout plan that is specifically aimed at this particular part to reduce the flabbiness there.

Besides, some proper exercises alone can enlarge the size of your buttocks too while tightening and lifting your butt. For example, squats alone make booty jump; leg lifts and squats can make your booty bigger, firmer, and rounder since they help you get more muscle there; stair-climbing is an ideal exercise for a firmer butt; twisting crunches, a common abdominal exercise, can be a good addition to your booty enlargement workout; bench presses can be added to the routine if you want to grow your breasts naturally and fast too.

Of course, you can do other exercises too if you are good at this and want something else. However, there is one note of warning to you: you may have to incorporate cornbread consumption into your daily squat routine and stick for a while to see the result of bigger booty. Good Luck!

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