Does Caffeine Cause Impotence?

coffee-side-effectsCoffee has now become one of the favorite beverages in the world. However, recently there are rumors that drinking too much caffeine, a bitter substance found in kola nuts, tea, coffee, chocolate and others, could result in impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) even though you are in your 20s. It is well known that the right amount of coffee brings many benefits – speed up the metabolism, promote digestion, improve constipation, improve skin roughness, and more. So, can caffeine really hurt male sexual health? Well, let’s find out the link between impotence and caffeine now.

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Simply put, impotence, formally known as erectile dysfunction (ED), refers to an erection of the penis fails to achieve or maintain long enough for satisfactory sexual life (intercourse).

Penile erection, or penile tumescence, is a complex process that involves the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and others. That’s to say, an erectile problem may be associated with one of more of the aforementioned factors. It’s a statistical fact that psychological impotence, the most common sexual dysfunction, accounts for about 85 to 90% of the total impotence.

How does caffeine make you impotent?

Coffee has a refreshing effect because it contains caffeine. As everyone knows caffeine can stimulate the sympathetic nerve, which is in charge of all the activities of men during the day. Once it is stimulated, people will be in high spirits and become full of vim and vigor. In comparison, parasympathetic nerve administers sex-related activities at night like erection. That being said, there is an exterior-interior relationship between them.

Caffeine can suppress parasympathetic nerve while increasing the frequency of sympathetic nerve activities, whose clinical manifestations are decreased libido and erection failure. Therefore, too much coffee consumption before sex life will make sympathetic nerve prone to overexcite, which thus make men fail to immerse in the relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. Because of this, the positive sexual interest or arousal will be replaced by anxious mood and the quality of sex life will be greatly reduced due to the decreased libido.

So, drinking a lot of coffee before sex should be forbidden if a man is with undulating feelings and an easily exciting sympathetic nerve. Besides, other caffeinated beverages like cola are big no-no too since they can also depress parasympathetic nerve and then cause male impotence.

Foods that combat impotence

In real life caffeinated beverages are not the only one that is closely related to human sexuality. Actually some whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are inextricably linked sex health. Of course, their effect is positive. They can even act like Viagra if you stick long enough with them. There are many foods that increase libido in males. The fundamental effect of them is to enhance the parasympathetic nervous excitability in man.

However, eating these natural viagra food from time to time won’t produce an immediate effect you expect. The best way is to start from the daily diet, get a reasonable mix of foods, and stick with them. Only a nutritionally balanced diet can do good to the body as well as sex health.

Coffee can make you erectile dysfunction? It sounds really unbelievable, but this is a fact that has been scientifically proved. But don’t worry, ED, adrenal fatigue, age-related cognitive decline, premature aging, and migraines only occurs after excessive intake of caffeine. In addition, impotence caused by drinking coffee can be cured as long as you pay attention to your habits and don’t indulge your desire for caffeine.

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