Does Academy Sports Have Layaway?

academy-sports-and-outdoorsDoes Academy have layaway on guns? If you try to look for related information on the website of Academy Sports + Outdoors, you’re very likely to be disappointed since nothing relevant is mentioned there. Or you can call the customer support phone number 1 (888) 922-2336 to get a reply.

Much to your regret, in fact back in 2007 one of my friends had clearly been told that layaway plans weren’t available there. According to the salesman, they were forced to stop doing that way because about 60 percent of firearm order on layaway ended up being cancelled. That’s to say, most of the customers would eventually ask for a refund. Apparently, that was not what they want. As a result, Academy didn’t use that payment plan anymore since then.

However, you don’t need to be sad about it. At least you can find another two ways to buy your gun – pay by credit card or choose other gun shops that have that payment plan. Of course, it is important to note that these two methods can’t completely replace it. By the way, the pros and cons of layaway plans are as follows, just for your reference.

No doubt, layaway is a viable option when you want to stay away from credit card for some reasons. That’s because this payment plan allows you to purchase big ticket items while you don’t have to pay in one lump sum. This makes sense in impulse purchases. For example, If you come across an on-sale gun that you have longed for but you are short of cash currently, it may be too late for you when you get back again with the money. In this case, admittedly layaway is the good way to go for you.

However, it is far from a perfect payment plan. Before doing so, you have to make quite sure you have enough follow-up funds to make payments each week. Otherwise, you have to give it up in the end. In this case, this is a total waste of time for both you and the shops. In addition, it makes no sense either when you need to immediately use that item. Besides, when it comes to layaway plans, other factors you should pay attention to are the restrictions and fees, including re-stocking fee, program fee, price guarantee, a minimum purchase amount, and so on. So, think twice before you decide to use that method of payment.

There have been complaints about layaway plans. For example, Rooms To Go is one of them that have been criticized. From this viewpoint, Academy Sports having no layaway is not all bad.

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