Do Rooms To Go Have Layaway?

ashley-furniture-vs-rooms-to-go-qualityDoes Rooms To Go offer layaway? Simply put, it does. But it is not the end of this question. That is to say, you may meet a series of troubles during this period. In fact, online there are a lot of complaints about this Florida-based furniture store chain, which has more than 150 stores all over the country. You can easily find complaints and reviews about it as long as you type in the keyword in Google search.

Firstly, one of major complaints is related the no refund policy. No matter you purchase living room furniture, sofas and couches, bedroom furniture, dining room sets, or any others on sales at Rooms To Go, this is a good idea to pay on layaway especially when you have a tight budget. However, you will have to deal with awkward manager if you find much cheaper similar items elsewhere and change your mind. As mentioned above, its refund policies keep you from order cancellations. In other words, you have to give up the previous payment you have put down for it to cancel your order.

Secondarily, unlike many other furniture retailers, its refund and return policies are printed on purchase receipt. That means you can’t see this policy until you have finished the purchase and got the purchase receipt. Apparently, this is totally illogical since the shoppers who pay the layaway can’t obtain the receipt at all at the time when they put a down payment. No doubt, these are illegal activities.

Thirdly, your down payment may mean nothing. If you see furniture there and put down a deposit, it makes no guarantees at all. That’s to say, the sales people there will still resell the furniture you buy on layaway. What’s worse, the store only offers credits instead of cash when you want to ask for a refund. Apparently, the salesman want you to keep on spending the money there. However, this is not a good way to keep the customers.

As you know, the original intent of layaway is to benefit both vendor and shopper – stores can sell things to customers with low budget and protect their capital while the customers are allow to impulse shop and take advantage of lower prices on a sales promotion. Apparently, the actions of Rooms To Go go against the original purpose of a layaway and consumers’ legal rights and interests have been infringed.

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