Construction Equipment Names

construction-equipment-names-and-picturesAs an important integrated part of construction business, heavy equipment means a lot to the speed and quality of earthwork projects, road construction and maintenance, loading and unloading operations, and other various projects. You may not know these construction vehicles names although you see them a lot. So, now let’s get to know these most popular construction machines. Or, you might be stumped when your kids ask these names of construction equipment.


Dozers are one of construction machines. For most people, perhaps the best-known dozers are the scrape dozers and the bulldozers. This heavy earthwork machinery is mounted with continuous treads and in the front an earthmoving blade. This design is mainly for moving earth and knocking down a building better. By the way, the blades come in different types for different purposes.


After the debris, rubble, and dirt are push aside by bulldozers, next it is time for front loaders to come on stage to completely clear the building sites. Thanks to the design of a front scoop or shovel, front loaders are good at uploading soil, sand, lime, coal and other bulk materials into dump trucks or other vehicles. Sometimes, they can be used to mildly dig and scoop the ore, hardpan, and the like. However, they are not suitable to handle things that are lower than the ground.

Dump truck

This is actually a truck with an open-box bed, which allows the dirt, gravel, or sand to be automatically deposited on the ground. It mainly consists of car chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, bed, and a power take-off or power takeoff (PTO). In civil engineering a tipper truck frequently joins excavators, loaders, conveyor and other construction machinery to upload, haul away, and unload dirt, gravel, and other bulk material in construction sites.


Excavators or backhoes use their shovel to dig the material above or below the ground level and then scoop and upload them into the transport vehicle. The main parts of these machines include house, bucket, stick, and a boom. What an excavator mainly deals with include dirt, coal, sand, and loose rock. In recent years, excavators have become one of the most important construction machinery. By the way, the 3 most important parameters about excavators are operating weight (mass), engine power, and bucket capacity.


Cranes are a type of machinery that vertically lifts and horizontally carries heavy loads within a certain range. A crane is characterized by an intermittent work cycle. That’s to say, the corresponding mechanism of taking, transporting, unloading, and other actions works alternately in a work cycle. According to the specific situation of the projects, there are tower crane, crawler crane, rough terrain crane, tracked crane, and truck-mounted crane available to be chosen from. And in the case of tower crane, generally the cab operator needs to operate it according to infrared signals, especially in high-rise buildings that are under construction.

Chip spreader

This is a type of roadwork machinery that can be propelled by itself. Chip spreader is mainly designed for surface treatment. In other words, it penetrates surface voids and pre-coats the road base. In addition, it provides maintenance too. Apparently, a layer of stone chippings is the key to the durability and quality of the road. So, the importance of the equipment that does this job, namely chip spreader, is self-explanatory.

Asphalt finisher

This is roadwork machinery that consists of lorry, tractor, and screed. It is mainly designed to lay asphalt concrete, which is added into the paver’s hopper from a material transfer unit like a dump truck. In addition, before a road roller it slightly compacts the asphalt flat too.


When it comes to construction sites, a compactor is designed to apply pressure to the soil and cause a certain amount of deformation to the object. Simply put, it reduces the volume of the objects. Compactors are usually powered by hydraulics. To cater for different situations, this construction equipment comes in different shapes and sizes too.

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