What Color Eyeliner Should I Wear to Match My Eye Color?

define-your-eyesWant to enhance your eyes and give you a dramatic look with little trouble? Apparently, this is a no brainer if you have bright eyes and thick eyebrows. Of course, applying your eyes with a matching eyeliner shape is also one of the essential parts. Eyeliner is a very common make-up product to define your eyes, but unfortunately many of you have no idea what color eyeliner should you wear. Indeed, the wrong choice can ruin your makeup completely from the very beginning. So, you’d better choose the flattering, perfect one based on your eye colors to bring out the best of them. Continue reading What Color Eyeliner Should I Wear to Match My Eye Color?

Are Colored Diamonds Real?

fancy-color-diamondsDue to the increasing aesthetic appeal in the fashion industry, colored diamonds, typifying by light blue, pink, and bright yellow, are highly sought-after by fashionistas lately. Accordingly, diamond sales in major cities have been increased significantly. However, are colored diamonds real? Actually, it depends since nowadays the fancy color diamonds you have bought may be real, half-real, or even totally faux. Continue reading Are Colored Diamonds Real?

5 Habits that Reduce Crow’s Feet

crow's-feetOne day when you look in the mirror and find that crow’s feet have soundlessly developed at the outside corners of your eyes, it just dawned on you that you’re not as young as you once were. Crow’s feet, a typical sign in your 30s, let off no one. Does that sound familiar to you? However, developing some good habits could go a long way in reducing them. Continue reading 5 Habits that Reduce Crow’s Feet

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing up a Pear Shaped Figure

pear-shapedAs one of the most common female body shapes, pear-shaped body distress many girls and, worse still, causes low self-esteem in them. A pear shaped figure, as the name suggests, refers to the whole body that looks like a pear, which has a narrow upper body and then widens out. It is characterized by very slim shoulder and upper arms, thick waist, larger hips, wide crotch, and big thighs. To be honest, it is hard to dress up a figure like this. So, is a pear shaped body meant to miss the beautiful dresses? No, of course not. Actually, the properly dressing can make the pear look more refreshing and slim. The secret consists in minimizing the weak points while maximizing the strong points. Next, we are going to analyze how to dress up a pear shaped body to make it look more beautiful inadvertently. Continue reading The Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing up a Pear Shaped Figure

Tips on Choosing a Push Up Bra

push-up-braFor many girls with smaller breasts, choosing the right push up bra is a big challenge since they have no idea at all how to start or even where to start. I don’t want to frustrate most of you but the statistics do show that about 70% girls have made mistakes on buying lingerie. In terms of choosing bras, the situation is even worse – only a few of you’ve done the right thing and know how to choose the perfect cups and bra straps. Continue reading Tips on Choosing a Push Up Bra

Right Bras that Make Small Breasts Appear Fuller

small-busted-womenSo, how to make a small bust look bigger instantly? Besides of cosmetic surgery, the bra can be the most innocuous way you can give it a try. The cooling effect of bras tend to be almost immediate and, more importantly, it poses no health risk at all. Assuming of course, you are choosing the right one. People often say that beauty should come from the inside out. Because of that, a lot of women or girls with smaller chests have been troubled. If you are also blessed as a small-busted woman but want to have fuller breasts, these tips are surely of help. Continue reading Right Bras that Make Small Breasts Appear Fuller

Best Jeans for an Apple Shaped Body

Apple shaped womanMany girls with an apple body shape often find that it is a challenge for them to dress properly. So do those with a pear-shaped figure. Hence, loose clothing tends to be their most popular choice since it can provide with somewhat cover-up. But apparently this is a myth and a loose dress won’t help much if you have that body type. Actually jeans can be one of the best choices in terms of flattering an apple. However, not all jean styles can get the job done. To make it right, in the first place you’d better know a thing or two about your body. Continue reading Best Jeans for an Apple Shaped Body