Paraffin Wax Bath for Feet

paraffin-bath-reviewsParaffin is derived from petroleum. The uses of this mineral wax range from making candles to producing rocket fuel. When it comes to improving human health, paraffin foot bath is highly recommended since it has numerous benefits, including treating calluses and blisters, opening pores, deeply moisturizing the skin, relieving joint pain, promoting blood circulation of the foot, and so on. Continue reading Paraffin Wax Bath for Feet

Benefits of Placenta Shampoo and Conditioner

placenta-hair-productsAs an increasingly popular ingredient in the beauty industry, placenta is often found in many anti-aging creams and other similar products these days. However, you may not know that it is more common in shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products. So, do you know the benefits of placenta for hair? Simply put, it can bring yours back to life by managing dry or damaged ones. Continue reading Benefits of Placenta Shampoo and Conditioner

How to Increase Collagen Production in Skin Naturally?

replace-collagen-in-skinAs well all know, collagen and elastin are two proteins that play an important role in maintaining skin structure and fighting the process of skin aging. Unfortunately, natural collagen production tends to decline or even disappear completely when you turn 25. This protein is so important that many beauty experts tried to rebuild collagen in the face to help people look younger and more vibrant. However, through trial and error they come to realize that the best way to deal with that is to boost collagen in the body naturally. Only in this way can it effectively replace the lost protein in the face, under eyes, and any other parts of the body. Continue reading How to Increase Collagen Production in Skin Naturally?

Collagen Vs. Hyaluronic Acid

injectable-wrinkle-fillersAdmittedly, collagen and hyaluronic acid are two popular ingredients frequently found in many anti-ageing supplements these days. So, you may wonder how they are connected and which one is better, may you? Next, we’re going to go in great details about the differences and similarities between them. Continue reading Collagen Vs. Hyaluronic Acid

What Does Glycolic Acid Do To Your Skin?

skin-lighteningThese days glycolic acid has been an increasingly popular skin care ingredient. This is simply because it is good at treating a variety of skin problems, such as acne, dullness, stretch marks, oiliness, and pigmentation, thanks to its smaller molecules that penetrate the skin more easily than others. Although it is widely used in skin resurfacing or exfoliation, its side effects do exist. Fortunately, for most people it is still considered a safe peeling treatment. Continue reading What Does Glycolic Acid Do To Your Skin?

Ingredients to Look for in Anti-Aging Products

best-wrinkle-cream-2012When it comes to anti-wrinkle products, how much do you know about them? You probably know that the active anti-aging ingredients in cosmetics usually determine the effectiveness of them. However, sometimes you may be still confused although you have read the ingredient list since these are jargons in cosmetics industry. In this case, apparently the proper knowledge can help you make better choices. Continue reading Ingredients to Look for in Anti-Aging Products

Sunscreen vs. Suntan Lotion vs. Sunblock

sun-tanned-skinWhen it comes to get a tan, the first thing you need to consider is to buy a cream that can protect you from sunburn by filtering out ultraviolet light. In fact, at this moment there are at least 3 options available to suit your needs. They are sunscreen suntan lotion, and sunblock. Now, you may begin to wonder what the differences among them are and which one works best for you. Admittedly, they have many differences, in particular on function. To put it simply, suntan lotion is mainly for those who want a tanned skin quickly; sunblock can minimize the sunburn; and sunscreen is in between. Continue reading Sunscreen vs. Suntan Lotion vs. Sunblock

What is Sorbolene Cream?

sorbolene-cream-reviewThe word “Sorbolene” may be new to a lot of you. In fact, it has been in the market for a while. If you ever tried to know more about it, you will find many skin products based on this cream out there and there are a bunch of related reviews online. However, if you think and use it as a common skin moisturizer for your body and face, you’re wrong a lot. So, let’s find out what Sorbolene cream is and how you can make best use of it. Continue reading What is Sorbolene Cream?

Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil for Hair

care-of-your-hairSweet almond oil is so skin-friendly that it can even be used for babies’ sensitive skin. In that case, you may ask, can it be used on hair? In fact, it is good for your whole body since it is high in nutrients that can nurture scalp and skin. So, next let’s take a look at what sweet almond oil does for your hair? Continue reading Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil for Hair

What is DHA in Tanning Lotion?

best-spray-tan-productsAs everyone knows, a tanned look can be naturally obtained through sunbathing. However, this method takes time and money. Therefore, many people begin to resort to a shortcut to get the same appearance of a tan. Now you might already know that the so-called shortcut here is the tanning lotions or other related products. Of course, this is a fake tan. The main ingredient in tanning products is DHA, which stands for dihydroxyacetone. So, the questions are: what does DHA in tanning lotion do and is DHA in tanning lotions safe? Continue reading What is DHA in Tanning Lotion?