How to Use Grapeseed Oil on Your Hair?

grapeseed-hot-oil-treatmentGrape seed oil is light-weight, colorless and tasteless. It is so versatile that it is widely used for many purposes. For example, it can be used for cooking, wrinkle removal treatments, and hair care. Since it is lighter than other oils, such as olive oil and Argan oil, it can be quickly absorbed by the skin and hair and, as an added bonus, it will not affect the hairstyle. Continue reading How to Use Grapeseed Oil on Your Hair?

Can Calendula Be Used for Acne?

kiehl's-calendula-herbal-extract-tonerIt is understandable that you are eager to find an effective acne treatment when you are experiencing a breakout. It should be no surprise if someone has already recommended calendula cream to you. In fact, these days it has become a latest buzz acne treatment product. So, is calendula cream good for acne? Continue reading Can Calendula Be Used for Acne?

Can Propolis Be Used For Acne?

propolis-on-skinSo, does bee propolis really help with acne? The answer is yes, to a certain extent. But it is worth mentioning that the results vary from person to person. In fact, these days this resinous mixture, also known as bee glue, has become a popular acne solution recommended by many natural healers. As an added bonus, it is easy to use. What you need to do is just to put a few drops of propolis liquid on the affected area. It is said that by doing so it can help cure this skin condition, prevent allergies, reduce inflammation, and increase skin elasticity. Continue reading Can Propolis Be Used For Acne?

How To Whiten Your Teeth At Home With Banana Peel?

banana-peel-usesPlease keep in mind that don’t throw away the banana peel soon after you eat because it has many amazing uses. It is such a pity that very few of you are aware of its benefits. In fact, rubbing your teeth with the inside of this fruit peel is a healthy, safe teeth whitening treatments at home. While it is a rich source of minerals and vitamins, it isn’t as corrosive as other natural whitening agents. Continue reading How To Whiten Your Teeth At Home With Banana Peel?

Does Lemon Juice Really Fade Freckles?

freckle-remover-that-worksIn recent years lemon has become a popular remedy for treating freckles. So, will lemon juice really get rid of freckles? Apparently, many people who are ready to try this method like to know the exact answer. To be honest, it won’t actually get rid of freckles, but it does make them less noticeable since it has a lightening effect. It is worth mentioning that it has long been used as a bleaching agent and this is why many people like to use it for highlighting streaks of hair in summer. So, this home remedy for freckles is still worthwhile today. Continue reading Does Lemon Juice Really Fade Freckles?

What Is The Purpose Of Compression Garments After Liposuction?

post-liposuction-girdleFirst of all, the importance of compression garments after liposuction surgery cannot be overstated. This is mainly because it can facilitate better healing by reducing swelling, preventing infection, relieving tenderness, and so on. It is worth mentioning that it still soaks up bloods and other fluids when combined with absorbent pad. Continue reading What Is The Purpose Of Compression Garments After Liposuction?

Benefits of Collagen

collagen-supplementsThere is no way that today you would not have known about the reputation of collagen products. So, what is collagen good for? In fact, this ingredient has become one of skincare product’s most pervasive myths these days. This saying is without an ounce of hyperbole since it was an instant hit when it got into the public eye. However, do you know how you can get the most benefits from the use of this protein? Continue reading Benefits of Collagen

What Is the Best Healing Lip Balm?

chapstick-that-worksFor many people, the arrival of autumn and winter also means the coming of chapped lip season. At this moment, the chilly outside prompts you to buy healing lip balm, which actually is one of the “never leave home without” items in your makeup bag. No wonder it is called a life saver for dry/chapped lips. So, do you know what the most effective medicated lip balm is? You are not alone, and so many people confuse when facing so many different options available in the market. As far as concrete advice for the buyers, the same advice still holds that we’ve always said: the best chapstick is the one that suits you the most. Continue reading What Is the Best Healing Lip Balm?

How to Get Rid of Milia?

milia-under-eyesSo, how do you remove milia? When you are asked this, chances are that you will instantly think of popping, picking or squeezing them since they looks really like small whitehead. Sadly, by doing so it won’t help since they are much more stubborn than you may have thought. Good news is that this cosmetic annoyance will go away on its own if you are patient enough. If you are not, you can also turn to your dermatologist or simply try some natural home remedies to get rid of these little hard, white bumps. Continue reading How to Get Rid of Milia?

What Does Olive Oil Do For Your Face?

rubbing-olive-oil-on-skinSo, what are the benefits of olive oil on face? Simply put, it seems a panacea that is beneficial to almost all of your skin problems, such as lines and wrinkles, acne, sun damage, dry skin, just to name a few. Thanks to the extraordinary beauty effect and anti-aging properties, it was once known as “the edible cosmetic” and “the oil of beauty” among beauticians and nutritionists. Besides of boosting general beauty, it can still moisturize skin, enhance exfoliation, remove makeup, and so on. Continue reading What Does Olive Oil Do For Your Face?