Ferrets as Pets: Pros and Cons

baby-ferretsAre ferrets easy to take care of as a pet? A lot of friends keep asking me about my opinion since currently I am keeping a few of them. Well, it really depends on what is your meaning of “easy care.” As long as you are patient enough they are quite easy to handle. However, owning a ferret as pets has its pros and cons. That being said, you have to do something no matter how low the maintenance is. But I can assure you that ferrets have the advantage of cats and dogs while getting no disadvantages of them. Mind you, once you have decided to have one, be responsible. Or just give up that idea if you are not ready. Now, it’s your time to weight the following pros and cons and make the final decision. Continue reading Ferrets as Pets: Pros and Cons

Bearded Dragon Toys – Good Idea or Not?

bearded-dragon-accessoriesBearded dragons are one of the world’s most popular pet lizards because of their mild temper and easy care. Although this reptile requires less care and food compared to a dog or other pets, you may want to treat it the same way like other pets and care about its inner feelings. Do they get bored and do they play with toys? This question actually worries a lot of new owners like you. So, is buying bearded dragon toys a good idea or not? As a matter of fact, currently this is highly controversial and there are two very different views on this issue. So, take these two opinions with a grain of salt. Continue reading Bearded Dragon Toys – Good Idea or Not?

WARNING: Do Not Mistaken Your Hibernating Hamster as Dead

hamster-hibernationJust wondering whether you have ever heard a widespread story about a “dead” hamster reuniting with its owner? Assume that you haven’t heard it yet and here are the details for you. One day, a hamster was found dead and its heartbroken owner had to bury it in the backyard. Much to his surprise and delight, a few days later the owner found that its beloved pet miraculously reappeared in front of him again. As a matter of fact, it is anything but a fairytale. From a scientific perspective this is just an anecdote about the indifferent hibernation-like ability of the hamsters. In fact, this is just one of many problems you need to figure out in hamster care. Continue reading WARNING: Do Not Mistaken Your Hibernating Hamster as Dead

Do You Make These 15 Mistakes in Hamster Care?

hamster-mistakesDocile and adaptive pet hamsters are well suited for people who have small house and little spare time but adore the furry little things. If you are the first-time hamster owner, you are very likely to meet many problems and thus make mistakes as a result of lack of care experience. Although you can learn through trial and error, your pet just can’t wait and might be killed by your fault. So learn it before you bring your pet hamster home. And here are the most common mistakes you may do in hamster care no matter what breed your pet hamster is. Try your best to avoid them when you do keep one at home. Continue reading Do You Make These 15 Mistakes in Hamster Care?

What is the Best Hamster Breed as Pet?

best-hamster-breedIf you are an expectant hamster owner, you may have no idea at all what breed you should choose. In this case the last thing you should do is just going straight to a pet market and then taking home the one that is most eye-catching to you at first glance. However, don’t be fooled by hamster’s cute look and this emotional impulse may cause a lot more problems to you later on. So, before the purchasing, you’d better do some homework and know something about hamster breeds. Only then can you pick the pet hamster more sanely. And here are the top 5 hamster breeds for you. Continue reading What is the Best Hamster Breed as Pet?

What Do Rats Eat?

rats-foodAs a tough rodent, rats can be found in almost every part of the world. And the most common two species are black rats and brown rats. Although they may be different in species and in sizes, what they eat is basically the same. In short, rats are omnivorous animal and eat what a human being eats. When they are far away from humans, they mainly feed on flower seeds or berries. Continue reading What Do Rats Eat?

How to Keep a House Rabbit Cool in Summer Heat?

rabbits-in-summerHow to keep my rabbit cool in summer? This is a question frequently asked by many rabbit owners. After all, compared to the wild rabbits the domesticated varieties are usually more vulnerable. Before getting into this matter, first we’d like to talk about 3 basic facts about this lovely, docile creature. This is because correctly understanding of these facts could help you do a better job on summer safety for your rabbits. Continue reading How to Keep a House Rabbit Cool in Summer Heat?

How to Get a Bunny Out of Heat Stroke?

rabbit-heat-strokeHeat stroke is one of common diseases occurred in pet rabbits, especially in long-haired rabbit species like Angora. It is well-known that bunnies are not a type of animal that gets along well with heat. That is why you, the pet owners, should take some measures beforehand in summer to prevent this condition before it is too late. But what can you do once the domestic rabbit experiences heatstroke? Continue reading How to Get a Bunny Out of Heat Stroke?