How to Prevent Birth Defects Before and During Pregnancy?

congenital-disorder-preventionBirth defects are an important cause of childhood disability and death. When children were born with disabilities, it pains their family and the society. The most common 5 congenital disorders are cleft lip, neural tube defects, polydactyly, congenital heart disease, and hydrocephalus. Although many of them can’t be totally prevented, their chance can be greatly reduced if people who want to become parents, especially moms-to-be, have taken preventive measures before and during pregnancy. Continue reading How to Prevent Birth Defects Before and During Pregnancy?

Best Foods to Boost Baby’s Immune System

natural-immune-boostersSo, what are the best foods that boost immune system for babies? No doubt this answer is important to many parents. That is understandable since good immunity, for the most part, means getting sick less often. To be honest, there is no such a magic food that can strengthen immunity immediately as it is associated with overall nutritional status. Instead, there is a close link between a strong immunity and a balanced and healthy diet. Continue reading Best Foods to Boost Baby’s Immune System

Olive Oil for Baby Hair Care

olive-oil-healthy-hairYou’ve probably heard that olive oil is good for baby hair growth. In fact, its benefits for infant’s hair are more than that. If you apply it weekly to your baby’s hair, it is able to make it stronger and, more importantly, help get rid of cradle cap, medically known as infantile seborrheic dermatitis. In addition, it is good at softening and taming curls. No wonder many hair care products contain this ingredient. But it should be applied with caution since a baby’s skin is very delicate. So, please do it very gently when necessary. Continue reading Olive Oil for Baby Hair Care

What Food Has DHA for Toddlers?

sources-of-dhaYou must have heard a lot about docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), but you may not know that this omega-3 fatty acid is essential to the development of infants and toddlers. This is evident in various types of infant formula milk since these days it can be found in most of them. No doubt, DHA-fortified foods can benefit your child’s development, especially the eyes and brain. Continue reading What Food Has DHA for Toddlers?

Learn4Good Games

learning-games-for-kidsPlaying good video games can provide a lot of benefits to your kids. Simply put, it helps promote the mental development, improve eye-hand coordination, develop problem-solving skills, practice reading and math skills, enhance a child’s concentration, and so on. If you have no idea where to find good free online game platform for kids, try Learn4Good games out now. Continue reading Learn4Good Games

Cologne for Teenage Guys

popular-male-teen-fragranceSo, what is the best cologne for teenage guys? Admittedly, compared to adults it is a bit more difficult for teenage boys to choose the right cologne. After all, as a high school boy he has to take more things into consideration when it comes to wear cologne in class. However, the basic rules for choosing cologne always remain the same – either go with the crowd or stand out of the crowd. Based on this basic strategy, as parents you can screen out a lot of them and find the one that fits your young adult the best. Continue reading Cologne for Teenage Guys

5 Myths of Making Your Baby Comfortable in Summer

babies-in-summerIn summer more attention should be paid to your baby’s daily care because the hot weather could make her feel discomfort or even get sick if you make some mistakes. For that reason, you may overreact and believe some tips that are actually untrue. Now let’s bust some popular myths for you on how to take care of babies and toddlers during the hot, humid summer months. Continue reading 5 Myths of Making Your Baby Comfortable in Summer

Summer Sun Protection Tips for Babies and Toddlers

baby-sun-protectionAs summer closes in, babies and toddlers begin to take off some layers for outdoor activities. However, excessive ultraviolet rays are dangerous to your baby’s tender skin. For that reason, playing under the hot sun is liable to get sunburned and even sunstroke. So, in order to enjoy summer fun outdoors you’d better arm your kids to the teeth with sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, tent, and so on. In addition to this, what else should you pay attention to keep your baby safe in the summer sun? Here are some helpful sun safety tips for you. Continue reading Summer Sun Protection Tips for Babies and Toddlers