Paper Mites

paper-mites-picturesYou probably hear about paper mites but have never actually seen one. If you ever work or live in conference room, office, or other narrow and small space, it’s likely that you’ve ever suffered from itchy red welts on skin. Since the welts look like insect bites and stings but you are not sure what insect causes it, you may presume that the symptoms should come from mite bites. At this point it is quite natural that getting rid of these creepy crawlers as soon as possible will be your principle concern. But wait since in this matter you have to be really clear what they are in the first place. Continue reading Paper Mites

Mill’s Pride Cabinets

buy-kraftmaidMill’s Pride Kitchens are probably not a household name now. Anyway, it might still ring a bell to its old, die-hard users. If you are one of them whom ever purchased one of RTA cabinets and now want to add another one for giving a new look to your kitchen, probably you will find that this company seems just vanish from the world. So, what happened to Mill’s Pride Kitchen cabinets? If you are a big fan, you will keep asking where I can buy Mill’s pride cabinets. Well, this article will try to answer these two questions for you. Continue reading Mill’s Pride Cabinets

Left Handed Chainsaw

choosing-a-chainsawIs there a left handed chainsaw? This is a question a lot of lefties would ask. Some people insist that someone out there makes left handed chain saw. However, this is not true and unfortunately all of them are designed for a right-hander only. If you’ve been looking for one for a long time, forget it now! And the best bet for you is to train your right hand from now on in order to adroitly use this tool. Continue reading Left Handed Chainsaw

Are Stink Bugs Harmful?

halyomorpha-halysIf you live in a house surrounded by many trees, you are very likely to see frequent visits by an uninvited guest called stink bugs. This bug is just as annoying as flea, another serious pest that lives by feeding on the blood of other animals. Some of you may have killed at least one out of fear, disgust, or other reasons. However, the kill may bring a bigger worry to you since it stinks when it is crushed, just as its name suggests. So, are stink bugs harmful to you and your pets like cats and dogs and how to get rid of stink bugs if yes? Continue reading Are Stink Bugs Harmful?

Best Way to Remove Milk Stain from Carpet

spilled-milk-on-carpetIf you just spilt milk on the carpet, don’t worry and the fresh stains are easy to be removed. However, you’d better clean it thoroughly. Or the residual part will go bad and emit an unpleasant odor very soon. What’s worse, once milk sets in and dries the cleaning will become very difficult. If you have no idea how to get the stubborn milk stains out of your carpet, here are some good carpet stain removal tips for your reference. Continue reading Best Way to Remove Milk Stain from Carpet

10 Unexpected Uses for Your Microwave in Daily Life

microwave-ovenAlthough a microwave oven was once an essential small appliances in a kitchen, as time goes by you tend to cast it aside in your pursuit of the new. You may occasionally think of it only when you have leftovers to reheat or popcorn to pop. Apparently, this is a terrible waste. In fact, a microwave can do more interesting tricks for you in daily life, and here are 10 other surprising uses for your microwave. Continue reading 10 Unexpected Uses for Your Microwave in Daily Life

How to Restore Shine to Dull Marble?

polish-dull-marbleHow to polish dull marble? Well, this is a good question. In fact, it is also a question I am often asked. Such a problem will arise sooner or later if you choose marble floors, tiles, bathroom vanity, table tops, and the like for your house. This is because marble has its Achilles’ heel – it can be easily etched by acidic agents. In this case, you need to make old marble shine again. Continue reading How to Restore Shine to Dull Marble?

Health Risks Associated with Non-stick Cookware

nonstick-cookwareWhat makes the non-stick cookware really popular is the fact that it is simple to use and easy to clean. But recently the concern about the nonstick cookware health hazards increased because of the related media coverage. Nevertheless, this is still one of the best options for you if Teflon cookware health risks can by reduced to a minimum by appropriate measures taken. So, you’d better note the following aspects to make it safer. Continue reading Health Risks Associated with Non-stick Cookware

Charcoal Filter for Shower Head

sprite-shower-filtration-systemYou might not be aware of the importance of a shower head water filter until one day you listened to Dr. Oz in an Oprah Show. In this show, Dr. Oz, an expert committed to teach people how to live healthier, recommended a little secret weapon that could help your hair and skin health with minimum cost. As you can see now, it is a charcoal shower head water filter. Continue reading Charcoal Filter for Shower Head

Best Knitting Needles for Beginners?

learn-to-knitIf it is your first time to pick up knitting and really decide to start a project, choosing the best knitting needles and yarn can be the biggest concern for you. This is because a good start will give you a lot of confidence to move on. However, don’t expect too much of your first works and, after all, the complicated, fine works require a high level of knitting skills. So, don’t easily give up, or your project will always remain semi-finished. Continue reading Best Knitting Needles for Beginners?