What Can You Do With A Banana Peel?

banana-peel-shoe-polishBananas are a delicious, pleasing fruit. This is why it has a huge fan base. After you eat a banana, its peel will be generally thrown in the trash. It is understandable that you have to deal with the amount of waste you produce. Admittedly, this is a nutrient-rich tropical fruit. However, can you believe that its peels are as useful as the flesh? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should never trash a banana peel. Continue reading What Can You Do With A Banana Peel?

Citric Acid Uses

citric-acid-monohydratePowdered citric acid, also known as lemon salt or sour salt, is colorless, water-soluble crystals with a strong tart flavor. It is found naturally in citrus fruits, especially in lemons and limes. When it comes to its common uses, perhaps the best known one is serving as a food preservative and flavor enhancer. However, you may not know that it can come in handy in cleaning, medicine, cosmetics, and other industries too. So, now let’s find out what exactly this weak organic tribasic acid can do for you. Continue reading Citric Acid Uses

How to Buy the Best Hiking Boots?

buy-hiking-boots-onlineFor a hiker, the importance of a pair of durable, comfortable and well-fitted hiking boots cannot be overemphasized. Since this is one of the most critical gear selections for your outdoor adventures, you should spend a little extra effort when shopping them. If you don’t know how to choose the best hiking shoes or boots for yourself, keeping the following hiking footwear guidelines in mind can be a good start. Continue reading How to Buy the Best Hiking Boots?

Coffee Maker Buying Guide

compare-coffee-makersWhen it comes to how to buy a coffee maker, this is always a tricky matter, especially when you are a newcomer. This is because nowadays on the market you can find a lot of different types of coffee machines, ranging from the basic percolator to the sophisticated ones. So, as a coffee lover you really should know the basic guide before you go out shopping for one. Continue reading Coffee Maker Buying Guide

How to Keep Your Kitchen Germ-Free?

clean-and-safe-kitchenSince a kitchen is mainly used for cooking, the hygiene in the kitchen plays a non-negligible role in the health of you and your family, in addition to the selection and purchasing of raw ingredients. However, a germ-free kitchen is a really challenging job since there are always some hidden spots you tend to forget to clean. In other words, handling these places is your first priory in your annual spring cleaning as the surfaces and visible things can be fixed more easily. Continue reading How to Keep Your Kitchen Germ-Free?

Places You Might Forget to Clean in Kitchen

germ-free-kitchenKitchen is a perfect place in home for germs to breed because there high humidity can be caused by water vapor and smoke produced during cooking of food. In such an environment, some kitchen utensils can be contaminated too due to frequent contact by family members. What’s worse, you probably forget to clean some certain parts of these appliances, which will unsurprisingly make your kitchen a germy world. Now, let’s take an inventory of the most common spots in kitchen you forget to clean in spring cleaning. Continue reading Places You Might Forget to Clean in Kitchen

How to Get Rid of Bad Smells in Refrigerator?

refrigerator-odor-removerRefrigerator and freezer play an irreplaceable role in our lives these days. However, these household appliances have an inherent problem – bad smells occurs as more and more everyday food items are stuffed inside or due to an accidental unplugging or electrical failure. This odor coming from your fridge sometimes can be so terrible that it’ll take the edge off your appetite and hunger. In this case, you need to thoroughly deodorize your fridge to get your appetite back to normal again. If you don’t find a way of removing it yet, consider these 12 easy and simple tips. Continue reading How to Get Rid of Bad Smells in Refrigerator?

How to Make the Air in Your Home Cleaner?

best-way-to-clean-air-in-homeIndoor air quality is a big concern since these days there are more and more pollutants that would cause harm to your health. So, how to prevent indoor air pollution? Upon hearing this question you may instantly think of buying air purifiers. This is surely true, but you can still use other ways to purify air in your home. Don’t know how to start or even where to start? Here are some useful indoor air quality tips for you. Continue reading How to Make the Air in Your Home Cleaner?

Are Silverfish Poisonous?

silverfish-biteSilverfish looks a bit like house centipede. This creepy appearance often makes you think that it is dangerous and poisonous to humans and pets like cats and dogs. So, are silverfish harmful just like venomous centipedes? If you are having an infestation of silverfish in your house, read and find out facts about this small insect now. Continue reading Are Silverfish Poisonous?

How to Remove Wall Decals?

getting-duct-tape-residue-offWall decals or posters are very popular decorations, especially for a newly renovated home. However, at the moment when you put them on the wall you may be not aware of one day removing them can be so difficult. Of course, things will be much easier if they are removable wall decals. If not, your wall is likely to be in a mess because of the residue, scratches, and even surface damage due to the lifting of the paint film. In this case, apparently you have to spend more time and effort to get the original paint to touch up the patch. So, how to get wall decals off to avoid these troubles? Continue reading How to Remove Wall Decals?