Microwave Makes Peeling Garlic Cloves so Quickly and Easily

peeling-by-microwaveActually, you can start now if the following two things are already into place. First off, you got to have a microwave that works. This is simply not an issue at all since now almost every home has one. Secondarily, you have at least a head of garlic awaited to be peeled. Actually, this method is so effective that the more garlic cloves the better. Continue reading Microwave Makes Peeling Garlic Cloves so Quickly and Easily

Japanese Mashed Potato Salad Recipe

japanese-style-potato-saladHow to make Japanese potato salad taste better? Well, here is a simple Japanese-style mashed potato salad recipe for you. It features fresh cucumber slices and cherry tomato, combining with tasty salad dressings. By doing so, it provides enriched texture while maintaining the original flavor. Yes, you may have tried many similar salad recipes, but this one is still worth your while since this is a good snack. More than that, it is also an ideal meal if you have been on a diet because it is so low in calories. Continue reading Japanese Mashed Potato Salad Recipe

Kung Pao Chicken

gong-bao-ji-dingWhen it comes to Sichuan cuisine, Kung Pao Chicken, sometimes also known as Kung Po and Gong Bao Ji Ding, is undoubtedly an indispensable part. This dish and The Happy Family, to some extent, are the representative of Chinese food in the West’s mind’s eye. If you love this spicy stir-fry dish so much and would like to have a try at home, you are definitely interested in how to cook it the most authentic way. Actually it is what this article is all about. Continue reading Kung Pao Chicken

How to Make Fresh Lemon Water?

lemon-waterIf your taste buds are difficult to please, the only thing about fresh lemon you can complain is its slightly sour taste. You may dislike it for that, but you just can’t deny the fact that it has tons of health benefits. Moreover, the lemon flavor itself is one of the important factors that make lemon so popular around the world these days. So, it is good to consume lemon on daily basis. Actually it has become the secret weapon of many beauty-conscious women, because it helps weight loss, better skin, detox, colon cleanse, freckle removal, and so on. Among all methods of consuming lemon, apparently making lemon water is the quickest and most convenient one. Continue reading How to Make Fresh Lemon Water?

Healthier Way to Drink Your Coffee

drink-coffee-the-healthy-wayEverything in the world has pros and cons. So does drinking coffee. It is good for you if you have it properly. Instead, it might become a risk factor to your health once you make some mistakes, such as drinking too much or the wrong way. If you don’t want to become a victim of caffeine, from now on take it seriously and please follow these tips to a tee. Continue reading Healthier Way to Drink Your Coffee

The Best Times of Day to Have Coffee

get-a-daily-hit-of-caffeineCaffeine is a good thing, especially when you need to refresh yourself. For many coffee addicts the world will become less fun and boring if they miss a piping hot cup of it in the morning. But here’s the thing: drinking coffee the wrong way could pose risk to your health, such as premature aging of your skin, adrenal fatigue, an increased rate of cognitive decline, and so on. That’s to say, if you want to make caffeine useful while minimizing its side effects, you’d better take a good control on two key factors – timing and quantity. Continue reading The Best Times of Day to Have Coffee

Ladyfinger Layer Cake

ladyfinger-layer-cakeIn terms of desserts, what would be your first choice when you have afternoon tea or a quick mid-afternoon fix? Apple pie, cheese cake, puddings, or tiramisu? If you have been already fed up with the mentioned ones, today I would like recommend the ladyfinger layer cake, which actually can be referred to as “the upgraded ladyfinger” since it sandwiches a layer of stuffing between ladyfingers. The interesting part of making this cake is that you can choose different ingredients, like cheese and chocolate, according to your specific tastes or moods. By the way, if you are on a diet, you can choose not to put in grease either. Continue reading Ladyfinger Layer Cake

How to Freeze Strawberries Properly

fresh-strawberriesIt is well-known that strawberry foods are really delicious. Unfortunately, the shelf life of fresh strawberries is rather short. The reason for strawberries being hard to stay fresh is its high water content, delicate tissues, and vulnerability to mechanical injury and microbial infection. At room temperature, its red color begins to fade and taste goes bad 1 to 3 days after it is picked. So, is there any good ways to preserve this delicate but delicious fruit? Continue reading How to Freeze Strawberries Properly