Can Grape Seed Extract Reduce Wrinkles?

best-grape-seed-extract-reviewsAnti-aging is always an interesting topic for women. As health and medical regimens are getting popular these days, women want to feel beautiful from the inside out. In this case, grape seed extract (GSE) is good news for health-conscious consumers since it has really powerful antioxidant properties. In other words, when consumed internally it can help fight wrinkles and other signs of premature aging. Besides, it is good for high blood pressure, cancer, overweight and other health concerns too.

Now the questions are: what is GSE? Why can it prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles? What are the health benefits of it? How to choose the best grape seed supplement? And next these questions will be answered respectively.

Free radicals and aging of the skin

First of all, let’s get to know what causes aging and many skin problems. In everyday life, the ultraviolet radiation, computer radiation, microwave, and other reasons will cause the body to produce something called “free radicals”, which are molecules responsible for aging and tissue damage. That’s to say, an atom, molecule, or ion can be an important reason for many diseases and aging and the main substance that causes oxidative damage to the body.

GSE is rich in proanthocyanidins (PAs), which refer to a class of oligomeric flavonoids. They are also known as condensed tannins and good at eliminating the harmful free radicals. As a potent antioxidant, it is 2050 times more powerful than vitamin C and vitamin E. No wonder it is considered the most effective antioxidant from plant sources. As a result, it has genuine benefits for elimination of the uncharged molecules, anti-aging, and immunity enhancement. At the same time, since proanthocyanidins have an affinity for collagen and elastic fibers in the skin they can protect skin from sagging and wrinkling. So, long-term use of GSE can make the skin look more plump and glowing.

Grapeseed extracts can be available in the liquid, capsules and tablet forms. In Europe, grape seeds are better known as “oral cosmetics.” And Time named them as one of the 10 healthiest seeds in the world. And they are capable of winning this title in their own right. As a natural sunscreen, they protect people from UV rays, reduce melanin deposition, prevent skin inflammation and reduce the risk of skin cancer, get rid of brown blemishes, and keep the skin healthy, smooth, soft, and supple. So, they make women look younger than their age and also much more beautiful.

Health benefits of grape seed extract

1. It delays the aging process. As mentioned above, the presence of free radicals should be mainly blamed for changes in the body with aging. Good news is that it contains proanthocyanidins, which have such powerful antioxidant capacity that they are able to inactivate the uncharged molecules and other strong oxides before the damage is caused. So, it helps maintain young, healthy organ systems by slowing down the effects of aging on the body.

2. It prevents the appearance of these lines and wrinkles. Since it can block the excessive cross-linking of collagen, it fights wrinkles, scavenge free radicals, and reduce melanin deposition and dermatitis. As an added bonus, its action is quite mild.

3. It helps fade acne scars and blemishes. When free radicals attack and destroy cells, it leads to cell death and metabolic disorders. As a result, brown or black spots appear due to the accumulation of intracellular impurities. That’s where proanthocyanidins come in since they can remove toxins produced by the uncharged molecules, dissolve toxins in water, and then metabolize and remove them from the body.

4. It produces a natural lightening effect. Proanthocyanidins can effectively remove a large number of free radicals inside the body, repair damaged cells, and keep the cells hydrated. Once water moistures the skin, it makes the skin more radiant and supple.

It would appear from the above that proanthocyanidins mean a lot to products that contain grape seed extract. In other words, it is a good idea to choose those with high content of proanthocyanidins. Besides, reviews are another important factor that should be taken in consideration when shopping similar products.

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