Can Calendula Be Used for Acne?

kiehl's-calendula-herbal-extract-tonerIt is understandable that you are eager to find an effective acne treatment when you are experiencing a breakout. It should be no surprise if someone has already recommended calendula cream to you. In fact, these days it has become a latest buzz acne treatment product. So, is calendula cream good for acne?

Out there you can find tons of acne treatments. To be honest, it is hard to find the one that really works for you. If some popular home remedies, such as tea tree oil, bee propolis, and oregano oil, disappoint you, in this case you can try calendula for healing red marks and inflamed acne. Calendula officinalis, a genus of herbaceous plants in the daisy family Asteraceae, has long been used as a natural plant remedy, in the forms of ointment, soap, tincture, cream, lotion, and salve, for a variety of skin problems, such as cradle cap, chapped skin, eczema, pimple, trauma, dermatitis, and more. Of course, you can also make your own homemade face masks, which are especially effective if you are just having a breakout.

The amazing anti-inflammatory effects of this herb play an important role in curing acne. As you may know, this is a long-term skin disease mainly due to blocked sweat pores, excessive oil secretion and bacteria. Although it is most common in young people, all age groups are likely to be susceptible to such infection.

According to many trusted skin care experts, the extracted decoction of dried marigold is good at reducing inflammation, stopping bleeding, soothing skin, relieving allergies, reducing edema, and so on. In addition, the marigold extract is so mild that it is suitable to be used as an ingredient for fragile or sensitive skin. Thanks to the powerful acne-healing, inflammatory, and skin-calming properties, it has become a common ingredient in many acne treatments.

As mentioned above, you can either buy a variety of calendula-containing products in pharmacies and health food stores or simply make calendula oil by yourself with its flowers and cooking oil at home. Either way, it can shorten the inflammatory process and reduce swelling if sometimes the infection occurs and causes pain and swelling.

Calendula is known for relieving skin irritation. Since acne can appear in the face, and sometimes on the back and shoulders, it tends to cause pain by clothes rubbing against skin. In this case, applying the ointment onto the affected area can relieve discomfort, preserve moisture and speed up the healing.

Besides, this medicinal herb is able to improve immune system. Since immune system may play a role in the formation of acne, using products containing this ingredient can also be helpful for treating this skin problem.

One thing that you should know though is that acne can’t by cured by calendula. That’s to say, the improvement is only temporary although it can reduce irritation and improve the appearance of the skin. If you have acne-prone skin, you’d better consult a dermatologist to find out the cause and follow the appropriate treatment plan. For example, sometimes it is the result of the hormonal imbalances or the use of a particular drug. Besides, in some cases you need to use oral or topical antibiotics to eliminate the infection.

In general, calendula cream and other similar acne products are considered safe no matter they are used externally or internally. Although no serious adverse effects have been reported, you should still start from a small amount to avoid allergic reactions. If an allergic reaction occurs, you should immediately stop using it and consult your doctor.

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