Best Exercise to Lose Weight Fast for Your Body Type

designing-a-workout-for-your-body-typeYou might already know that you should base your full body weight loss on aerobic exercise and spot reduction on targeted muscle exercises. But you may not know that you should determine the best workout for your body type in the first place. Today pace of life is fast. For that reason, you are very likely to fail to stick with your exercise routine, which is also why exercise won’t make many of you thin. In fact, as long as you find the right workout for your body shape and practice it on your own schedule, over time you will see big change.

Fat all over body type

The best exercises to lose fat all over your body are 30 minutes of aerobic exercises, such as running, cycling, and swimming, every morning or evening. If circumstances allow, you can also spend more time in the fitness center to follow professional guidance. No doubt, the result of following professionals will come far sooner than that of developing your own techniques.

Waist fat type

The recommended waist fat workouts include some equipment exercises, twisting the waist, and some simply moves that keep moving your waist. This is because they are able to start waist fat in motion and then get rid of it by burning.

Belly fat type

Do you have too much belly fat? If so, the best exercise for you to lose it is through aerobic exercise. That’s to say, in order to consume excess fat in abdomen, you should do sit-ups while alternately rotating your body towards one side every night before bedtime. If you can stick with it and gradually increase the activity level. By doing so, it will be reduced over time.

Thigh fat type

Your thigh fat workout routine should incorporate some floor mat, which can be done daily at bedtime. The steps are to lie in bed, try to stretch out your right leg as possible as you could, retrieve it, change to your left leg and do the same, repeat 10 times each, and then do leg lifts to tighten leg muscles. With some guidance, perseverance, and effort, you will shed it for good.

In terms of weight loss, it always helps if you can first determine your body type and then choose the best workouts accordingly. A little planning goes a long way, or all your efforts will be just counterproductive if you train yourselves aimlessly.

In short, different body shapes are suitable for different workouts if you expect to lose weight from some certain key areas. However, you must remember that the key of losing weight through exercise is low speed, long time, and low intensity. This is because only the long-termed, low-intensity exercises can really mobilize the accumulated body fat to participate in sports.

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