Best Anti-Aging Fruits

fruits-for-anti-aging-skin-careFruits are so nutritious that they are often considered the most natural vitamin source. Since they are good at replenishing the missing water and vitamins, they can moisturize the skin, improve facial skin complexion, and prevent aging. More importantly, it is tasty too. So it’s really very little wonder that they are so popular with women. However, it must also be pointed out that not all fruits have the same nutritional value and effect. When it comes to make you look and feel younger, here are the top 10 anti-aging fruits for you.


As the “general practitioner” in fruits, it is known for its balanced nutrition and efficacy. In other words, it is good for almost all people. 100g apple contains about 56 kcal of calories. And it is rich in dietary fiber, which easily contributes to satiety or fullness, and promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis to detox your body naturally. So, it can help you not only lose weight, but also get healthy, glowing skin.


Bananas have high content of potassium and serotonin, which can make you feel good about yourself. And they have a laxative effect. Besides, 100g bananas contain about 87 kcal of calories. As you can see, they are low in calories. In fact, in terms of the detox ability, they do a good job just like apple.


100g papaya contains only about 27 kcal calories. It is adept at skin whitening and breast enhancement. What’s more, papaya contains papain, which can break down protein and fat. So it has long been one of the best foods for weight loss and breast enhancement.


Sweet, juicy kiwi is known as the queen of fruits because it is rich in vitamin c, pectin, and tartaric acid. These substances can not only supplement nutrients and moisture to the skin, but also help skin inhibit reactions promoted by oxygen or peroxides. It is widely known that kiwi has high nutritional value but very low calories, about 48 kcal calories in 100g.


Avocado is a mandatory raw material in many organic skin care products because it contains abundant unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins (A, C, E), minerals (potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, etc.) and plant cellulose. As you can see now, avocado is one of the fruits with rich nutrients but low calories. These unsaturated fatty acids can not only make your skin become more moist and flexible, but also promote the secretion of female hormones. As a result, eating avocados regularly can make you glow and help you stay young.


Longan fruit contains large amounts of trace elements that are beneficial to human health. Specifically, the effect of eating longan fruit includes easing nerves, replenishing blood, boosting brain power, and so on. So, it is good for insomnia, neurasthenia, memory loss, anemia, and the like.


Blackberry has 3 times of fibrous material compared to the equivalent of other fruits. It is of particular importance that blackberry fruit is very rich in SOD, amino acids, and other anti-aging substance. So, eating more blackberries can prolong life, lose weight, maintain youthful appearance, and so on.


For the elderly over 50 years, aging on the brain is much worse than aging in the face. However, foods that are rich in anthocyanin and other antioxidants, typified by blueberries, can help reverse the declined cognitive function and spatial memory function. And the related research at Harvard Medical School (HMS) shows that brain function of older women who eat blueberries regularly tend to decline more slowly and they have lower risk of cognitive disorders too.

Purple grape

Purple grape is one of fruits that are rich in anthocyanin, behind blueberry and purple carrot. In addition, it also contains flavonoids, which are a potent antioxidant. So, purple grape is also an excellent anti-aging food.


Strawberries contain anthocyanin, pelargonidin, pelargonidin 3-glucoside and other flavonoids. These substances are the source of the red color of strawberry. And they have antioxidant, anti-aging effect. That’s to say, long-term consumption of strawberries can make your face look smoother and younger.

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