Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair Growth

keeping-the-scalp-healthyOlive oil has been used for different purposes for thousands of years. In addition to the most common benefits like cooking and skin care, others also include some specific purposes like hair growth. However, there’s an argument to be made that in fact it doesn’t promote hair regrowth although it is good for it. Still, it also indirectly produces benefits since it can affect some related tissues.

On the one hand, there are many products out there that claim to help you improve thinning hair, or even baldness. However, many of them actually contain nothing but snake oil and other unwanted ingredients that could be harmful. On the other hand, some inconspicuous substances like a fat obtained from the olive may yield fantastic results for the prevention of hair loss. So, how this oil obtained from the fruit of olive trees works? Before proceeding further, it is necessary to first understand the impact of shampoo.

Many of you may not realize that commercial shampoos contain large quantities of chemical additives. Most of you may be unfamiliar with the additives on the product label. In fact, they are mainly used to increase the shelf life of shampoos and help remove dirt and grease on the scalp. While commercial shampoos are important for cleaning scalp, they contain some certain chemical additives that may kill healthy cells. This problem will worsen due to the shampoo residues if you fail to rinse them completely. This is because the residues will stay there and cause hair loss by clogging the pores. That’s where oil obtained from olives comes in since it can remove the clogging dirt from the scalp. In fact, a lot of dirt is not easily seen, but the use of olive oil can effectively remove them from scalp.

In addition, as mentioned above although it produces no direct benefits, it does help you get healthy scalp when it is combined with other hair care products. For example, it can improve its elasticity, and therefore can reduce the damage. As an added bonus, the use of it can also nourish the hair, make it supple and shiny, and avoid split ends.

More importantly, it is very simple to use. And here is the recommended usage for your reference. Of course, you can also use olive oil as you like.

1. First wet your hair before shampooing, pour some oil on your palms, rub it all over and apply it evenly, and leave it for 15 minutes before washing it as usual;

2. Dry it with a towel after shampooing, use this oil as a hair conditioner, and rinse it off after the bath;

3. If you lose a lot of hair while brushing or your long one gets tangled and brittle easily, just a couple of drops of such oil on a comb can help. By doing so, your long one will be much easier to comb and get thicker over time.

Last but not least, be sure to select extra virgin olive oil when you are going to use it for hair care. If it is not virgin, that usually means that its quality is reduced greatly since it has been experienced a few chemical processing.

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