15 Benefits of Lemon Water

lemon-water-benefitsAs it is widely known, lemon is a fruit that is rich in vitamin C, which is the reason why so many people perceive it as one of best beauty foods these days. Similarly, lemon water, its most direct and popular usage, can provide you with at least 15 health benefits, let alone its unique flavor itself is something you just can’t bring yourself to turn down. Now let me explain point by point why you should drink one cup of it every morning.

1) Replenish vitamin C

Drinking lemon water for a long time is a good way to let your body get vitamin C. This is especially beneficial when your body lacks it. It is good for a cold too. It is said that drinking 500 to 1000 ml a day could help reduce symptoms like runny nose and sneezing, or even heal it if the cold just begins;

2) Whiten skin

Since lemon is rich in vitamin C, lemon water has long been regarded as one of the best skin-whitening drinks that can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation;

3) Fight against skin aging

It is an antioxidant that can deal with the damage of free radical and then slow down the aging process. Besides, plenty of vitamin C also helps amino acids synthesize collagen, which is good at protecting the skin and preventing wrinkles;

4) Prevent and treat cardiovascular disease

It can prevent cardiovascular disease. As you may know, calcium ion can promote blood clotting, but lemon water is able to ease this effect. Thanks for that, it can be used in the prevention and adjuvant treatment of high blood pressure and myocardial infarction;

5) Kill bad breath

It is bactericidal and specializes in killing harmful bacteria in the mouth. Hence, it maintains fresh breath. By the way, it is more refreshing than coffee. This makes more sense in the morning when you need a daily hit of caffeine. By the way, the warm lemon water does a better job than the iced one;

6) Prevent and treat kidney stones

It contains large amounts of citrate, which can inhibit the crystallization of calcium salt and therefore prevent the formation of kidney stones. What’s more, it can even reduce or shrink chronic kidney stones in some patients;

7) Benefit liver and detox the body

It helps liver detox and cleanses the live through promoting the bile production. In addition, it also helps control excess bile secretion, reduce the generation of mucus inside the body, and dissolve gallstones;

8) Reduce appetite and lose weight

It contains soluble fiber pectin, which helps enhance satiety and thus control appetite. That’s to say, longer satiety can make you stay away from the lure of snacks. So, this is a good way to prevent overeating and overweight. The result will be more significant if you combine it with a total of 15 minutes exercise a day;

9) Improve immunity

The vitamin C contained helps the immune system to fight colds. Besides, it also helps promote the body’s absorption of iron because vitamin C can increase the bioavailability of non-heme iron by 4 times;

10) Clean out your urethra

Since this is a diuretic, it helps a faster discharge of toxins from human body. As a result, it cleans out the urine system and thus makes it stay healthy. In addition, it also changes the PH in urethra and prevents the breeding of harmful bacteria inside;

11) Reduce the acidity of urine

It is true that it contains citric acid. But the potassium, calcium, and other ions can combine with acid radical to reduce the acidity of urine. That’s why it is called a typical alkaline food;

12) Eliminate phlegm

Lemon is an expectorant and its expectorant effect is better than that of orange and citrus. The method is also very simple – add lemon juice and salt to the warm water and then drink it. By doing so, the sputum accumulated in throat will be coughed up easily. And at the beginning of a cold the drink made of lemon juice and honey can give a relief from sore throat, dry throat, and the like;

13) Help digestion and quench thirst

It whets the appetite, promotes digestion, produces saliva, and quenches thirst. Besides, its abundant vitamin C can work as a catalyst to urge defecation. If you suffer from constipation, it will go a long way to relieve it by drinking homemade lemonade on an empty stomach in the morning. And it still relieves indigestion, heartburn, bloating, and other symptoms;

14) Promote wound healing

Vitamin C is one of the important nutrients that can promote wound healing and maintain the health of bone, tissue and cartilage. Besides, it also helps neutralize free radicals and inhibits inflammation in the body;

15) Supplement the calcium

Lemon peel is rich in calcium. So, if you want to keep as much nutrition as possible, remember not to discard the peel when making lemon water.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of consuming lemon but have no idea where to start, please refer to this post.

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