Benefits of Eating Lemon Everyday

eating-lemons-for-lealthScientifically known as Citrus Limon, Lemon is a wonderful fruit that is so good for human health since it is packed with tons of nutrients and antioxidants. It comes from Asian countries and now can be found around the world. If you incorporate lemons in your diet on daily basis, you can enjoy a series of benefits from providing flavor to helping burn fat and lose weight. Learn all about this amazing citrus growing in warmer climates now!

1. It stops cell divisions in cancer cells because it contains an ingredient called flavonoid compound, which is a known anti-oxidant;

2. It is a food that aids your digestion. Since it keeps your digestive tract running smoothly, it thus relieves your constipation if any;

3. It helps your body to detox and purify blood. No wonder it is one important ingredient in Lemonade Cleanse To Go and the Master Cleanse;

4. It is one of immune system boosters. That’s to say, it can strengthen your immune system if you consume it on daily basis;

5. It increases HDL cholesterol, which is considered the well-behaved “good cholesterol”. As a result, it lowers your high blood pressure;

6. It helps relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis;

7. It prevents invasion by microorganisms and with it the infections, for example, those in the urinary tract, stomach and intestine;

8. It is a mood booster. If you feel down and can’t concentrate all the way, it is a good idea to drink lemon juice since it is good at relieving depression and mental stress;

9. It helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and stroke. In addition, it can get rid of free radicals that cause numerous health problems in the body;

10. It is a hair tonic. When the lemon juice is applied on your hair, it will give it shine because its acidic nature can help bleach and lighten hair naturally;

11. It relieves the pain associated with wasp stings and a pain in one of your teeth;

12. It makes sense in the treatment of kidney stones and gallstones;

13. It can be used to tenderize the meat while adding flavor, especially when you put it in a marinade;

14. When combined with maple syrup/honey and lukewarm water, it becomes one of good drinks for weight loss. This is because it fights hunger cravings;

15. It prevents common cold. And it brings down a fever caused by cold or flu because it is able to induce sweating;

16. It tightens and brightens skin. And it helps get rid of acne and blackheads and exfoliate dead skin cells;

To sum it up, the medical and culinary benefits of lemons are numerous. You can enjoy them no matter you make lemon water, lemonade, or simply add it to soft drinks or tea.

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