Benefits of Collagen

collagen-supplementsThere is no way that today you would not have known about the reputation of collagen products. So, what is collagen good for? In fact, this ingredient has become one of skincare product’s most pervasive myths these days. This saying is without an ounce of hyperbole since it was an instant hit when it got into the public eye. However, do you know how you can get the most benefits from the use of this protein?

This structural protein accounts for 72% of human skin and 80% of the dermis. What it mainly does is to lock in moisture, support cells, and give the skin a plump and smooth appearance. As people age, its secretion will gradually decrease, which then leads to stiff joints and wrinkles. In order to slow down the speed of aging, beauty experts recommend using cosmetic and beauty products that contain gelatin, which is a form of collagen derived from animal bones, algae and other substances.

Eating collagen-containing foods, such as bone broth and collagen peptides, is one of common ways for replenishing the lost one. However, this method does little on fighting free radicals and reversing aging because a large part of it will be filtered out by the human digestive system. That’s to say, your body can not reap the benefits of it that way. This is why so many users complain and review that such product does not work as promoted.

Although collagen cream is very popular these days, in most cases it doesn’t contributes to significant improvement of the skin condition. And the related closed trials can do a good job of explaining the principle. As a large soluble protein molecule, it actually cannot reach the dermis, the inner layer of your skin, since it fails to penetrate the epidermis, the outer layer of your skin. Because it is not absorbed by the skin, external application of this product makes it stay on the surface only. As a result, it would not be of huge surprise if this product disappoints you.

Collagen injections are mainly used to fill in facial wrinkles, fill in acne scars and other types of scars, and repair some face defects. In these processes, collagen filler is injected exactly into the dermis just to compensate for the lack of natural one. Because it usually comes from an animal source and causes no pain, the effect is very good and almost immediate. It is worth mentioning that such effect is not permanent. Because the injected filler will be gradually absorbed by the body, its effects can only maintain for six months to a year. So re-injection is needed every three months. Aside from that, allergies, infection or other side effects may occur in individual people.

In order to better use collagen, now researchers are trying to find non-invasive ways, which include the use of natural seaweed extract and Cynergy TK, a specially formulated cream made from the wool of New Zealand sheep. These products are easily absorbed by the skin and have been proven to help stimulate skin cell regeneration. Besides, it also helps slow down the skin aging process by taking collagen capsules while following the diet that is rich in protein and vitamin A and C. Unlike topical collagen cream, Cynergy TK combines these essential vitamins to help your own body produce more natural one.

Small-molecule collagen peptides are usually used as a supplement. Currently, taking it orally is the most mature and most effective method of getting this structural protein. But it should be noted that it makes sense only when it is completely additive-free and with molecular weight that is less than 1000 Daltons (Da). For only then can it truly enter into the dermal layer of the skin to help repair and rebuild the production of structural skin proteins.

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