Benefits of a Fast Metabolism

what-does-having-a-high-metabolism-meanMetabolism is a self-renewing process of the living things. That’s to say, their lives will be over once this process has ceased. As for human body, a fast metabolism has its pros and cons. When it comes to health benefits of having a high metabolism, for many of you weight loss will come to mind first, won’t it? However, the advantages of a fast metabolic rate are certainly not limited to burn fat faster only.

Weight loss by ridding your body of toxins

A normal metabolism can not only produce energy needed for body functions, but also cleanse and get rid of waste and toxins that have built up in your body through bowel movement, perspiration, and urination.

On the contrary, a slow metabolism will lead to an accumulation of toxins and waste in the body, poor blood circulation, slow functioning of the internal organs, and in the end the build-up of excess fat cells. Just as you know, it is better known as obesity or overweight. In this case, you need to increase your metabolic rate in order to detox by enhancing the natural ability of your body and avoid the build-up of fat cells in your body parts like buttocks, thighs, legs, and so on.

No more cold hands and feet by improving blood circulation

Blood is responsible for many jobs. It not only transports nutrients and carries oxygen, but also vans toxins and waste. In other words, the higher metabolic rate a person has, the better his blood circulation efficiency is. The direct benefits of it include warm hands and feet, easier absorption of nutrients, more energy, and the faster updating speed of blood vessels. In this case, edema will be gone too since the water metabolism will speed up too.

Good mood

People with high metabolism tend to have properly functioning autonomic nervous system, which include sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve. The balance between them means a lot to you since your survival depends on it to find a balance between stress and relaxation.

When metabolism slows, nutrition in blood will fail to nourish autonomic nervous system, which thus causes anxiety, boredom, agitation, and other signs of low level of autonomic nervous system. What’s worse, it may cause headache and edema too. So, in a sense maintaining the smooth functioning of metabolism often means a good mood and good fitness.

Younger skin

Besides of improving physical function, higher metabolic rate helps lose weight and rejuvenate skin naturally. Thanks to the joint efforts of good blood circulation, increased oxygen, and metabolized toxins and wastes, your skin will look smoother and younger over time. In fact, this result will be better and more persistent compared to the whole body spa treatments even though you do it everyday day.

Better natural immunity

White blood cells in the blood are on the front line of the immune system. As mentioned above, a fast metabolism means a good blood circulation, which often leads to more healthy white blood cells. For that reason, they can enhance health by effectively preventing and eradicating invasive bacteria and viruses.

More energy

Foods bring you energy and nutrients. If you lose weight through improper diet, lack of energy will lead to a slow metabolic rate and thereby constant fatigue and tiredness. In fact, your body needs a certain amount of energy to meet the most basic metabolism for maintaining breathing, standing and other activities. If the energy fails to support the most basic biological activities, your rate of weight loss will slow too due to the metabolic decline.

In summary, a high metabolism provides many benefits. First, it helps get rid of body toxins and waste fast and naturally and burn fat faster along with the increased calorie expenditure; second, cell metabolism can help the body growth by excluding dead cells and generating new cells; it is essential for wound healing too as it promotes the regeneration of new cells and thus the faster healing.

3 thoughts on “Benefits of a Fast Metabolism”

  1. I have a question: I am trying to be a bodybuilder, but my high metabolism restricts me from gaining a pound. So while I can gain muscle mass, I cannot get any heavier and I feel like it’s holding me back from my potential. In addition, my metabolism also causes me to have s HUGE appetite, so much so that all food available to me in the house is gone in 1 day, and I live with a single parent and He doesn’t have the time or money to keep refilling the fridge, but I can’t help it. I’ve been thinking about somehow slowing my metabolism to be more balanced between high and low. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks in advance

    1. First of all, you might be so young that your body is undergoing growth and final formation, which consumes a lot of calories. In this case, we are not suggesting that you decrease your metabolism to gain weight. In addition, it is important to note that “slow metabolisms” aren’t necessarily responsible for gaining pounds. You should do it in a healthy way. In general, to gain muscle mass you must eat more carbohydrates and protein than your body burns off. Sorry, our advice does not help solve your problem but it is true.

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