Is Apple Cider Vinegar a Drug Detox?

vinegar-flush-systemApple cider vinegar has become a straw for so many marijuana smokers since quite a few people online claimed that it worked and helped them get off from a drug test. If you want to flush THC out of your system any time soon by drinking vinegar too, you need to be prepared for the consequence since so far there is no scientific evidence to support such a claim. And apparently this method doesn’t make sense to all attempts.

Transformation and discharge of THC

THC, the abbreviation for Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the active ingredient found in marijuana. Its transformation and discharge have some distinctive features.

1. Once weed has been used, inside the body THC can be quickly transformed into the metabolites that are with the same properties. And then the metabolites are converted to inactive metabolites that are discharged along with the urine and sputum;

2. Because THC is lipophilic, it is mainly distributed in the fat-rich tissues in the body. And in the end it is excreted out of the body after it is metabolized to an inactive substance;

3. The metabolism and the conversion rate are associated with the period of use and a long-term use can accelerate the metabolic rate;

4. THC can get through fetal blood barrier. Besides, it can also influence the metabolism of alcohol, barbiturates and antipyrine.

Average natural detox time

The time of THC staying in your system depends on a few factors, such as smoking history, fat, metabolism, and the like. If you are a new drug user, it may take one or two weeks to pass urine test; if you are a chronic smoker, you may need more than 3 months to clear naturally. In addition, THC trace can be found in hair and blood too. Usually it stays in hair for more than 90 days and in blood for about 12 hours.

How does vinegar get THC out of your system?

In fact, apple cider vinegar is better known as a weight loss aid rather than a toxin and THC cleanser. But all its uses are based the same theory.

The reason why apple cider vinegar can help lose weight is because the fermented apples contain pectin, which can help reduce the fat content. Once the vinegar is consumed, the 30 to 80 million of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (BHA) contained in a standard size bottle will directly act on the human intestinal wall, instead of entering blood and metabolized in the liver. And BHA is able to tightly bind to fat cells so that the absorption of macromolecules like fat and polysaccharides will be totally blocked.

This process not only cuts off the fat supply, but also induces the accelerated dispersion, which thereby promotes the rapid decomposition and discharge of fat in lipids and adipose tissue.

In addition, as the adsorbent of intestinal membrane, BHA prevents the absorption of big molecules and restores membrane mesh. Thanks to the shortage of new fat supply and continued consumption, weight loss and quick THC removal become possible.

Does it really work?

As mentioned above, it is possible that vinegar helps get rid traces of drugs from your system. However, the method still requires longer time than you expect to pass a piss test unless you carry out the tutorial online to the letter. That means repeatedly drinking large amounts of water, no smoking pot for at least 3 days, a lot of pee, and so on. It’s worth mentioning that most successful cases pertain to standard litmus tests only. In order words, the result of microscopic analysis or hair tests still remains unknown. If you follow the strict steps, the chances are you will get an inclusive test due to the dilution. However, one downside of this method is that excessive fluid intake may also lead to health problems.

Although apple cider vinegar may help you pull through temporarily, I think you want to be better than that. If you do care about your career or you are facing a court problem, if possible just quit smoking weed now. By doing so, you don’t need to try this hard to pass a drug test anymore.

9 thoughts on “Is Apple Cider Vinegar a Drug Detox?”

  1. I have a test on thursday at 800 i ve smoking for like 1 week but i stoped last night can apple cider vineagar and b12 clear my system of weed by wed b4 my test

  2. Can you please let me know if apple cider vinegar. And b12 vitamins clean my system of weed if i start today will my system be clean by wed b4 my test on thursday.

  3. Guys listen I took cranberry juice and regular distilled vineagar not even an hour before two different drug test one was pre employment and the other was random about a cup of each and passed both test and they were done at different locations

  4. If you have a fatty liver it’s going to take longer to detox. Alcohol causes a fatty liver.
    I did a 20ng/ml test after 30 days and failed.
    Then I did a 20ng/ml at 60 days and passed.
    I don’t exercise.

    I would eat a hardboil egg and a 500mg Niacin and multivitamin for breakfast.

    Raw broccoli, radish, half cucumber, carrots and a bell pepper for lunch with some dip.

    Dinner a serving of meat with rice(1/8th cup), onions, mushroom, garlic spiced with pepper and turmeric, pickled beets or pickle. A shot of apple cider vinegar with water after the meal. Apple cider helps lower blood sugar levels.

    If you have a low metabolism it’s best to stay away form high insulin index foods like fruits, pasta, red meat, salmon, egg whites and anything dairy thats low in fat. Insulin doesn’t let the body burn fat instead it will burn sugar and the sugar that doesn’t burn off as energy is stored as far.

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